FCF #16. Teen Brunette Best Friends Chainsmoking Through The Midway

I had a number of great finds on my opening night at the 2012 local county fair but this duo won the night based on their persistent tobacco consumption.  I was on the midway watching in awe at a smoldering early 20s blond smoking a cigarette with amazing skill and thinking nothing could take me away from that spot for as long as she was smoking…but that was when THEY entered the scene…

I spotted two adorable underage girls, both probably 17, strutting down the midway.  One was smoking and the other wasn’t.  First the smoker….she had long light brunette hair going down her back, wearing a black top and short white shorts.  She had a very pretty and wholesome face but was wearing some woolly beret that gave her a bit of an artsy air.  The artsy look usually annoys me and was a bit of a distraction for this girl as well, but that face was just so cute.  And her smoking looked like that of a beginner as she took shallow puffs and produced shallow exhales on her all-white.  I was wondering if I made the right decision in following her instead of watching the end of blondie at the carnival stand, but part of what made me decide to follow this duo was the other girl.  For as cute as the long-haired smoker was, I was even hotter for the other girl, a light brunette with her hair up in a fairly tight ponytail.  She was wearing a blue top and a pair of adorably tight jean shorts that perfectly framed an ass that I wanted to smack until my hand stung.  The nonsmoker looked even more wholesome than the smoker and just had an IT factor air about her that was irresistible.

But anyway, she wasn’t smoking and the woolly beret girl was, so I focused my attention on the latter as I followed them fairly closely through the midway.  Her shallow puffs and exhales were pretty cute and I was close enough to walk through them, shallow as they were.  As the girls looped to the end of the midway, the smoker was still smoking since her drags were so shallow.  They sat down on a bench which was killing me because I wanted to identify that butt when she finished it and there was absolutely nowhere to observe.  I  drug my feet and pretended to text as I looped around, watching her drop the cigarette to the ground and then both girls texting away, wondering if I’d ever get my chance.  I walked for a brief distance and then doubled back…and they had just left.  Perfect!  I swooped in and spotted her cigarette butt, which was still smoldering.  It was a Camel Light.  Had hoped for a little more from this sighting but came through pretty well anyway.

About 10 minutes later, I was looping around the sparse north side of the grounds, which empties out almost entirely after the livestock buildings close at 10.  It was now almost 11.  And while I was on the sparse north side, I was gonna sit down on an open bench and fire off a quick text, but that plan was derailed when I looked up and saw two familiar faces….teenage girls who were respectively decked out in a black top and white shorts with a woolly beret and a blue tanktop, super-tight jean shorts and cute ponytail.  Only this time the other girl who I had hoped would smoke on the first sighting had a cigarette of her own going.  Score, baby!  I just sat there and watched as they approached, talking amongst each other.  My favorite girl took a fairly shallow drag, suggesting she was just a beginner as well, but released a much more impressive cloud of smoke than anything I saw from woolly beret girl.  For a moment I was so struck by the image of this teen cutie smoking that I didn’t realize woolly beret girl was smoking another cigarette herself!  Her second in only the last 15 minutes!  Her drags and exhales continued to be shallow and infrequent, making it all the more mind-blowing that she was smoking so soon after her last cigarette.  The girls were right in front of me when my favorite of the two took a much deeper drag than the last one I saw, and the cherry on her cigarette was glowing bright red as she pulled the smoke inside of her adorable little teenage body.

They had made me obviously after following them through the midway, but I couldn’t let this one go.  I held back more than I’d have preferred, but I followed from a distance and just adored their beautifully shaped female bodies and the clouds of smoke released by their blackened young respiratory systems.  As they turned towards the main part of the fairgrounds again, they passed an older couple.  Both the older guy and his wife looked straight at the girls as they passed, noticing they were both smoking cigarettes.  They didn’t give exaggerated signs of disapproval, but unless they were fetishers I don’t think this was the look of approval.  My favorite girl took far more frequent drags and seemed to drag more deeply, but her hold times were not impressive and I still don’t think she’s been smoking for too long.  Woolly beret girl didn’t impress by comparison as her drags were infrequent and sparse, and her exhales slim.  But the contrast was not only adorable but helpful as my favorite girl tossed her smoldering all-white butt to the ground in a perfect wide-open spot, finishing her cigarette well before the friend.  I had no problem at all identifying the smoldering butt.  It was a Camel Crush.  Now these girls weren’t carrying purses and I didn’t see packs of cigarettes in their shorts, so I’m assuming they were tucked into their bras.  I continued to follow as they stumbled upon two other nonsmoking female friends.  The woolly beret girl was still smoking…slowly…while talking in the group.  I was not in a position to stick around so I pressed forward, sure that I had seen my best sighting of the night.

I was really on a roll that night and before long made another journey down the midway.  At the back of the midway, where the “big kid” rides are and where the most lawless teenage culture plays out, there stood two familiar female faces yet again.  It was the ponytailed light brunette in the tight jean shorts and the white-shorted long-haired light brunette with the woolly beret.  The girls were talking to two nonsmoking guys they seemed to know…and they were both smoking AGAIN!  For my favorite girl, this was her second Camel Crush in the last 15 minutes.  For the woolly beret girl who seemed like such a novice, this was her third Camel Light in the past half hour.  The contrasts here were mind-blowing.  Neither of these girls seemed like heavy smokers based on their style, but neither one could go 10 minutes without a cigarette!  I again had to do some fancy footwork to observe this even from a distance without standing out like a sore thumb, but once again, my favorite girl of the two was belching out nice thick clouds of smoke and taking very frequent drags while her friend was taking slower, shallower drags.  I waited until my favorite girl flung her smoldering cigarette to the grass before pressing on, recognizing I couldn’t linger any longer there. It’s a rare victory when I get to see hot girls smoking twice in one night, but it’s truly exceptional when I see them smoking three times in one night, especially when the three sightings transpire over the duration of no more than a half hour!

And Tuesday would not be the only night of the 2012 local county fair that this duo would deliver.  Two nights later, when I was trying to evade familiar faces and avoid an encounter that would take away my fetish time, I figured the safest place for me to go would be the midway, and what a fine call that was.  On the edge of the midway at a cluster of benches I spotted from a distance two very hot 17-18ish babes, one of whom was wielding a cigarette.  I approached and could tell even from several yards away I was looking at top-tier babes.  And then it hit me when I saw her face and realized I had already seen this girl smoking before on Tuesday night.  It was the woolly beret girl, tonight sans the woolly beret, and her brunette friend seated next to her.  Unfortunately, the sighting lasted all of 10 seconds as the woolly beret light brunette took a final drag of the cigarette and the two girls got up.  She handed the cigarette to the friend who took a final drag of her own while walking away before dropping the cigarette to the ground.  I had no problem at all identifying the still-smoldering Camel Crush butt and following the girls.

And even with the smoking part of the sighting finished, following them was a dream in and of itself.  The woolly beret girl was wearing a tanktop and white shorts that were on the surface similar to what she wore Tuesday night, but this outfit had a much more summery look and feel to it.  But the brunette was the one who really sparkled.  She had her hair in a ponytail on Tuesday but had it loose Thursday.  It seemed much darker brunette and it looked hotter hanging down past her shoulders.  As for her outfit, what a sexpot.  It’s hard to stand out amongst a crowd of teenage girls dressed like $10 whores as today’s teenage girls do at these fairs, but this girl did, wearing a smoldering white tanktop and a pair of pale blue cutoffs that caressed the most perfect ass I saw that night.

As much fun as it was watching the girls walk from behind, their destination was a fun one…the BINGO stand.  They went inside and sat on the inner tables inside the pavilion.  While they didn’t smoke inside like the previous night’s teen brunette (FCF #19), they sat next to a group of old ladies, probably stinking of fresh cigarette smoke.  I’d see this duo once again about a half hour later, just walking by without cigarettes.  I took a good long look at those asses wiggling on by, and recognizing then and there that this duo was certainly making a run at the marquee position for 2012 FCF sightings, ultimately getting a very worthy second-place ribbon.


2013 Update:   I perused the grounds a good half hour on my Thursday visit to the country fair in 2013 before stumbling into an attractive female smoker.  As I entered the midway, I saw a cluster of two guys, two girls and a stroller, and from the rear I noticed a slender, long-haired light brunette in white shorts had a freshly lit cigarette in her left hand.  Jackpot!  The group was hovered in front of a carnival game that someone in the group was playing.  And the second I laid eyes on the face of the smoker it was instant deja vu.  I was looking at last year’s woolly beret girl, now probably 18 years old, who in 2012 chain-smoked three cigarettes within an hour one night and who I saw smoking again two nights later.  She was the only smoker in the group as the two guys with her weren’t smoking nor was the other mediocre female, who sadly was not the even hotter dark brunette that was with her in all of last year’s sightings.  The stroller had to belong to the other gal because there’s no way my skinny woolly beret girl had just delivered a baby within the last few months!

I hung back a bit and watched her smoke.  Unlike last night’s revisit from the girl who used to look like Selena Gomez, the woolly beret girl’s style hadn’t necessarily improved.  She was mediocre (and upstaged by the friend) last year and remained kind of mediocre this year.  But her IT factor more than compensated for the lack of style, and in moments the group began leaving the midway.  I scored a couple decent photos, both rear shots but one where her head is turned talking to the guy I presumed to be her nonsmoking boyfriend.  She walked through a very busy part of the grounds wielding her cigarette, dragging and exhaling without concern for where the smoke went.  That’s the woolly beret girl I remember and my confidence that it was her continued to rise.  As they scooted in between a food stand and a seating area, it was pretty clear they were going to that elephant show that’s back from last year.  I was starting to become concerned there’d be too much of a crowd for me to identify her butt, especially when she stopped right next to a garbage can on the ground to stub out the cherry while the rest of her group proceeded to the back of the elephant show seating.  I watched in horror thinking the evidence would be tossed into the trash, but I had a guardian angel watching over me tonight as for all the trouble she went to crush out the butt so gingerly right next to that garbage can, she let it lie there in the dirt as she caught up to the rest of the group.  I saw that it was a Camel Light, the same brand the woolly beret girl smoked last year.  The evidence was in and I could now confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that it was indeed her.

Now I didn’t see her smoking again but in the next half hour I’d see her and her group seated at the edge of the BINGO stand.  Remember last year she and the friend went to play BINGO right after they finished a cigarette so old habits appear to die hard with this stinky teen.  I kept coming back to the area hoping to see she was smoking again but she never did.  However I got a decent pic of her sitting there on the bench.  And later in the evening when I was at the concert, I looked over my shoulder at one point and caught her group for a literal split second passing by on the sidewalk behind.  I could have sworn she had another cigarette going but I can’t verify it with certainty.

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2 Responses to FCF #16. Teen Brunette Best Friends Chainsmoking Through The Midway

  1. jlll baxter says:

    My 14 year old daughter smoking and I encourage her to try it. I was expecting her to hate it but she has become addicted to it. She will smoke in front of both her parents and siblings and loves seeing them tell her off. She said now that she has started she will continue as most of her friends smoke.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Thanks for sharing Jill. Glad your daughter is enjoying smoking and thank you for encouraging her to try. What’s her brand and how much has she been smoking per day?

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