FCF #15. Teen Angel in White And Her Older Chainsmoking Friends

As mentioned elsewhere, my Thursday evening at the 2011 county fair was hobbled by an awkward encounter with the fairgrounds police who confronted me after noticing me lurking around the grounds that evening and previous evenings.  I was rattled after this confrontation and my head was telling me to leave the fair for the evening with my tail between my legs, but my gut was telling me to keep on fetishing.  I went with my gut and stuck around the grounds for an additional hour, and my persistence was rewarded with this and one other blockbuster….

Near the bathroom structure was a group of five girls who I quickly surveyed and discerned that there were some major league hotties in the group.  And then my eyes spotted a single cigarette in the hands of one.  Unfortunately, she was the chubbiest and least attractive of the group…but I just had a feeling there was more tobacco to be smoked among this group and followed.  I continued to survey the faces and found it an eclectic-looking mix of party girls and wholesome girls who didn’t even seem to be the same age.  The five of them then settled in front of the cheese curds stand, including the smoker who hung back.  I was about to write this would-be sighting off, thinking the four nonsmokers were gonna buy food and walk away, but just when I did out came a pack of Marlboro Menthols from the purse of the cutest girl in the cluster…and we’re talking wholesome beyond belief….quite possibly the most wholesome-looking smoker I’ve seen yet at the county fair with curly long blond hair, an angellic face, a fluffy white tanktop and very nice fitting white shorts.

What a contrast…this virginal appearing cutie dressed in white….yet extracting a full-flavor cigarette from her pack and lighting up right there leaning up against a food stand.  Once again my first impression was that she was 16.  She just looked so incredibly innocent.  And then as I walked past, I noticed another girl in the group taking out her own pack of Marlboro Lights….and this girl was a bleach blond who was the most glamorous girl of the bunch.  Suffice it to say I’m glad I went with my original instinct with this duo as now the most glamorous and the most adorable of these five were both smoking cigarettes.

And the logistics worked to my favor almost perfectly.  The group of five broke apart, with the three smokers heading over to a bench outside the beer gardens.  As she walked over, the youngest looking and most adorable girl took a nice drag and I watched the wild contrast of cigarette smoke pouring out of this most precious young face….and admired that body draped in white.  I was lucky enough to find a nearby bench to watch this, more paranoid than ever about cops nearby ready to rain on my parade.  The only downside was the cutest girl had her back to me, but the other two sat across the table in my line of view.  The glamorous blond was directly in my line of vision, and she too was wearing white shorts.  This was truly a special sighting unfolding.

The cute one was thoughtful enough to turn her head so I could watch a few of her drags.  She was no beginner, but also not a master smoker.  Still, what a breathtaking sight to see her take a nice long drag on her cigarette, with the glow of the cherry illuminating her angelic features and matching white clothing.  But it was mostly the glamorous girl I got to see whose smoking style was similar….not extreme, but accomplished and beautiful.  And as I watched I observed how different these three really were.  The chubbier girl looked like she was about 26…the glam girl about 20…and the cutie about 16.  Perhaps some are sisters and friends of sisters.  There was simply no way the youngest-looking one was the same age as that chubby girl, and the fact that they never went into the beer gardens only further suggests at least one of them was not 21.

And speaking of the beer gardens, a bunch of younger-looking gals who looked hot from a distance all spilled outside and, one by one, lit up.  Once again, I had an outstanding vantage point in this seating area watching six girls smoking in two different directions.  The smokers in front of me were wrapping up their cigarettes.  The cute girl dropped hers below the table and crushed it out with her shoe…but the glam girl just carelessly tossed her still-smoldering Marlboro Light butt to the side, only seconds before both girls adorably got out some kind of lip balm from their purses.

A flurry of sightings ensued in the moments ahead and I was being pulled from all directions, but always made a point of keeping one eye on the Big Three who had commanded most of my attention for the last 15 minutes or so, and sure enough, I hadn’t left them alone for three minutes and the Big Three were all smoking another round of cigarettes.   I was juggling a number of sightings at once and only caught some of their second round of cigarettes, but their stock rose higher given that they smoked so shortly after their previous round.

A few minutes later, still juggling multiple sightings at once, I noticed the Big Three had gotten up and were walking away.  I got one last look at that crazy wholesome blond in her white shorts and melted once again…and then realized this was my chance.  I scooted over to their bench and below where the cutie’s feet had been were two cork filters that I quickly identified as Marlboro Menthols, her confirmed brand.  From there, two Marlboro Light butts from the glam girl had been flung in the opposite direction, only a few inches apart and while no longer smoldering, had clearly very recently been smoked.  They were obviously hers.  So that’s right….four cigarette butts from two amazing girls of the Big Three.  Sure glad the cops didn’t scare me off!

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1 Response to FCF #15. Teen Angel in White And Her Older Chainsmoking Friends

  1. Mike F says:

    I thought this would end up ahead of the miniskirt blonde but it’s like flipping a coin really. Just something about the most wholesomest girl in the group, wearing all white and polluting her lungs at 16 that gets me every time. lol.

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