FCF #19. Jake Owen Can’t Compete With Her Nicotine Craving

Near the end of a successful Thursday night fetish session in 2007, I was taking note of the fact that the second concert of country singer Jake Owen was almost over around 10 p.m. and thought it would be a wise idea to seat myself on a burm that serves as a makeshift bench just outside the grandstand entrance, but before I even had time to process the idea that there could be a lot of nicotine-starved smokers exiting the concert after nearly two hours without a cigarette, suddenly I watched this absolutely adorable petite brunette in a white tanktop with blue denim capris walking towards the same seating area where I sat with what certainly looked like a cigarette in her hand.

Her dark and very curly brown hair flowed past her shoulders in the most feminine way. My guess is this girl was 16, possibly 17, and cute as a button. She didn’t look much like a smoker, but here she was sitting down in between a group of adults and placing a Marlboro Light between her lips before lighting it. This was easily my best sighting of the night (and the entire 2007 county fair for that matter) as there were only two people in between me and her, allowing me an abundance of opportunities to lean forward and observe her. She took lengthy and well-practiced drags with smoke spilling from her nose as she exhaled. Even though this girl was almost certainly underage, she was a heavily addicted smoker and being able to watch nearly every drag from this little cutie was a genuinely treasured moment.

The more I contemplated the situation, the more intense I figured her addiction must be. She must have been sitting through this entire hourlong concert waiting for the singer’s final act, but her young body simply could not wait till the end of the show for a desperately needed fix of nicotine. Her craving was too insatiable to wait another 10 minutes. Her young body needed a cigarette NOW!!!!! She would crush out the cigarette and quickly get back up to go into the nonsmoking grandstand to catch the last two or three minutes of the concert. Damn was I riding high after this one.

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