#60. Worlds of Fun Smoker Girls 80’s Style

Starting the countdown off with one of my earliest sightings which came during the family visit to the Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City back on June 19, 1987, when I was still nine years old.  The early seeds of the smoking fetish had been planted in my mind in the previous two years, and I had only recently begun to find any level of attraction for older teenage girls as opposed to the elementary girls my own age.

The timing was good for me to be immersed in a situation where I found myself standing in line for rides with my cousins in the presence of numerous teenage girls wielding cigarettes.  They were all pretty much anonymous “older girls” at that point in my life and I wouldn’t have remembered this sighting specifically until the moment late in the day when I was standing in line for their log flume ride and for whatever reason jerked my arm back….straight into the smoldering cherry of one of these girls’ cigarettes.  I must have just nicked it because I only felt a partial burn before jerking back.  The girl herself took note of my unfortunate arm movement and expressed genuine concern, saying “I’m sorry….are you alright?” in a very motherly and apologetic way.  I nodded that I was.

Regarding details of the girl’s appearance….I have none, other than to say she was your prototypical big-haired 80s girl.  I found her attractive in that nonsexual elementary way, but I still got far more enjoyment from the log flume ride.  Who could have foreseen that 24 years later, I would remember more about her than anything else that day at the amusement park?

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