#20. My Religious Education Teacher’s Daughter

Another moment from my boyhood that would become one of my most transformative smoking fetish moments…and it was another of those moments that happened entirely by accident.  In sixth grade, I attended my religious ed classes at the home of someone in the community whose daughter was in my class.  On December 18, 1989, my dad dropped me off to attend the Monday evening class, but when I got to the door, I discovered that class was canceled for the week…as I looked in horror to see my dad driving off.  This was before the era of cell phones so the family had no choice but to let me tag along while they ran their errands, ultimately leaving a note on the front door telling my dad to pick me up at the church at 8:00.

I felt like a fish out of water as the family frantically raced around the house, apparently with imminent plans about to take place.  I grew up in a smoking household so I didn’t really detect the telltale odor of tobacco that was probably prominent in this family’s home, but I was about to have a very personalized encounter with the fact that smoking was very prominent in the home.  The family had three daughters, the youngest of whom was in my sixth grade class and was not around that evening.  The older two daughters were in high school, and the middle one, an attractive big-haired dark brunette, was apparently en route to a night class at the local community college.  Out came daughter from her bedroom….with a smoldering cigarette in hand.

I was taken aback by the idea of this girl smoking so openly in the home where I attended religious ed classes.  The family never gave off a particularly wholesome image, but it was still a bit of a shock to see this girl smoking right in front of mom.  We all hustled outside into the typically bitter Minnesota evening in December as mom got behind the wheel and started the car.  I stood in wait for the rear passenger door to be unlocked, taking casual observance of the stressed-out teenage girl juggling her school books and her cigarette while trying to get into the car.  It was at that point that she caught me completely off-guard with a simple request.  She held out her smoldering cigarette, looked at me, and asked “Could you hold this for a minute?”  Needless to say, I complied with her request without a glimmer of protest.  For a few delightful moments on a cold December night, I got to hold a cute teenage girl’s cigarette.  If only she knew what a profound impact she would have on my life with that one indecent request.

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2 Responses to #20. My Religious Education Teacher’s Daughter

  1. ECD says:

    Mark, did she smoke in the car?

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