#18. A Blond Nursing Student Sexes Up Daily Walks At Work

My walks during breaks and lunches at work have produced a number of top-shelf sightings over the years, but in the spring of 2012, I finally stumbled into a hot girl who shared walking times with me, and she just happened to be a sexy teen smoker who was a mess of delicious contradictions.  The following is her story….

In my Random #33 sighting on this list I talked about my lunchtime walks amongst the state buildings surrounding my office. I always go solo on these lunch break walks, but during the morning and afternoon breaks several of my coworkers empty out of the office on nice days and take in a quick walk around the block themselves. A very pleasant 50-something gal from my office who I’ll call “Nancy” is the most likely to accompany me on these walks.  While I enjoy her company, she tends to babble on sometimes and make it easy for me to get distracted by “shiny objects” nearby.  Such was the case one morning last May as Nancy was rambling on about something that I was tuning out while I took note of a hot young blond smoker wearing tight white pants who was walking closeby.  The bad news is that the smoker girl turned right before she got close enough to where I was able to get a really good look at her.  I could tell she was pretty damn hot, but couldn’t tell exactly how hot.  It was killing me because I was able to see her drag from her cigarette from a distance, followed by her exhales, but I wasn’t close enough to see her face or smell her smoke.

When Nancy finally shut up for a couple of seconds, I baited her by commenting on “the babe in front of us”.  My reputation as a bit of a dog precedes me in the office, and Nancy is one of the best at indulging me about it.  Right on cue, the smoker babe took a drag from her still fairly freshly lit cigarette and had the cigarette on display protruding from her fingers at the exact moment Nancy looked up, to which she responded “yeah but she’s smoking a cigarette”.  I casually brushed it off saying “I don’t care.  I’ve dated plenty of smokers before”.  The only good thing that happened was that the smoker stayed in visual range until she got to the old hospital entrance, which was transformed into some sort of nursing school but I hardly see any significant groups of people going in there on a regular basis.  I was thinking to myself that if this girl was a regular student though, I would be checking it out a lot more frequently!  So I had a good two minutes worth of observing her smoking even though I never did get quite close enough to see if she was worth the hype.  Still I had high hopes that the near future would afford me such an opportunity.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to another mid-morning walk on a nice day, this time with Nancy and a younger 25-year-old coworker joining us who I’ll call “Kelly”.  There’s a bus stop almost directly outside our office and the timing just happened to be right for three of us to walk by just as two 17ish babes emptied out of the bus dressed in slutty miniskirts and low-cut tops, eliciting a snarky comment from Kelly about it being “ho season”, which of course played right into my hands as I turned around watched the two girls proceed the other direction, making the kinds of observations that these coworkers would expect out of me.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the blond of the duo looked familiar.  Since they were walking the other direction, however, I didn’t have the opportunity to put two and two together.

In the days ahead, the good timing continued as I’d see this blond and her equally attractive brunette friend emptying out of this bus at 9:30 wearing some of the most inappropriate outfits possible for girls their age who by that point I had figured out were attending that nursing school, perhaps getting college credits as a partial-day detour from their high school classes.  But one Thursday in a productive week of seeing these girls I hit pay dirt and finally had the needed epiphany. I was hustling out of the office for the morning walk with Kelly and Nancy in anticipation of my sexy blond in her slutty dresses and miniskirts.  To my frustration, the bus was running late that day after three consecutive days of letting off the slutty blond literally right in front of me.  I found it very strange feeling complete freedom to discuss with my 25-year-old female coworker and my 54-year-old female coworker how I’m eagerly anticipating seeing what a high school girl is wearing as she got off the bus, but they played along perfectly.  As we began to turn around the block I realized that the bus’s delay could work to my favor since we were walking a loop around the block and would thus have our encounter with her at the back end of the loop.  The bus cooperated by pulling up to the bus stop about halfway through our round trip, which would allow me to see blondie after all…..

As we approached the three-quarters point, I looked to my left and here she came, along with the brunette friend.  With the help of my female co-conspirators standing out like a sore thumb gawking this girl’s direction without a hint of subtlety, the light brunette friend first caught my eye, wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts.  But then I spotted the blond walking next to her, who was back to her slutty miniskirt ensemble, another (or perhaps the same) zebra-striped miniskirt from three days earlier.  We were walking across the street and while Kelly and Nancy were busting my chops, I was still watching the girl out of the corner of my eye.  For whatever reason I wasn’t even anticipating it, but I saw the blond insert something into her mouth, pause briefly, and then light a cigarette, with a puff of smoke blasting from her face after the light-up.  Holy shit!  Depressingly, I’m afraid I was the only one of the three of us who saw it so I didn’t get any “she’s a smoker!” feedback.  I wasn’t in a position to watch her smoke as she passed me walking the other direction on the other side of the street, but just passingly seeing how the girl carried herself, it finally hit me where I had seen this girl before.  She was the sultry blond in white pants who I had seen with a cigarette walking towards the nursing school a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn’t until I saw her with that cigarette that I made the connection, mostly because this girl looks far too girl-next-door upclose to suspect being a smoker, almost to the point of looking out of place with both the slutty outfits and the cigarette that define her public image.  She reminded me a lot of the FCF #13 blond I saw smoking three nights and in very similar slutty miniskirts two nights at the 2011 local county fair.

The weeks ahead produced a daily expectations game for my midmorning walk, where I burst out the door at 9:30 hoping to have perfect timing with the bus and see more of this adorable little smoker.  Unfortunately, the calendar was working against me as with May coming to a close, so was the school year meaning her daily journeys to this nursing school would be coming to an end.  Nonetheless, I saw her a handful more times, and found myself really fetishing on the razor’s edge in the company of Nancy and/or Kelly, trying to crane my neck when in the girl’s presence in hopes of seeing her with a cigarette yet somehow escape their notice.  My timing was never perfect, but several more times I would see the presence of a cigarette on her person in the moments after getting off the bus, at one point revealed from the rear with a cloudburst of smoking rising from her facial orifices as she pressed forward, always in the company of that brunette friend who appeared to be a nonsmoker.

And sure enough, the school year ended early in June and so did the smoker girl’s appearances, but as school resumed in late August, I found myself hoping that my favorite stinky schoolgirl in the highly inappropriate clothes would return.  Weeks passed and she never resurfaced….but right when I gave up hope one chilly October morning, up came two familiar teenage faces emerging towards the nursing school from the bus stop.  While she wasn’t smoking, my favorite blond and her brunette friend were back, the blond decked out in the most sexually charged fire engine red miniskirt you can possibly imagine on a teenage girl attending a school event.  Unfortunately, two months have passed since this lone fall appearance and she hasn’t resurfaced.  But given her on-again, off-again presence in my life throughout 2012, it’s not completely implausible that this perfect little teen smoker girl could be a repeat presence on my 2013 smoker girl list.

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