#12. A Perfect 10 Brunette At The Casey’s Station

Here’s a sighting from June 2007 that was exceptional in its own right, but also stands as a sentimental favorite based on what it would inspire.  More on that later.  I was in good spirits early in the summer of 2007, as I often am in the month of June simply because of the onset of sightings-friendly weather, and that year because I had two heavy-smoking romantic prospects unfolding.  My good spirits were vindicated one afternoon coming home from work and stopping at the Casey’s gas station a few blocks from my place.  I’ve seen a number of good sightings at this station over the years, but nothing even remotely in this league.

After pumping my gas and paying for it, I stepped outside heading back to my car when I saw a black car approaching with an epic brunette beauty behind the wheel, wielding a cigarette in her fingers.  I got that first great look and then hustled to my car to watch her head inside.  She stepped outside and took a final deep drag before dropping her mostly smoked cigarette to the pavement.  As she released the final snootful of smoke from inside her lungs I got my first good look at her as she approached the front door.  The girl was a perfect 10.  She looked about 21…with a long and full head of dark brown hair that flowed well down her back, a neon orange tanktop that demanded to be respected wrapping around perfectly proportioned breasts and hips, and snugly fitting pale blue jean shorts that caressed her bubble butt and beautifully triangular crotch, and the smoothest and most perfect pair of legs ever extending from them. Had I died and gone to heaven without realizing it during the course of my drive home?

I couldn’t stay parked in front of the gas pump, but I also had to get another look at this girl, pulling my car up to an open stall in front of the store.  I watched as she stood in line, admiring that ass and noticing the clerk was turning back to the cigarette display.  I was intrigued as the girl walked out, in possession of a fresh pack of Marlboro Lights and some other tobacco package that looked like small cigars of some sort.  She got back behind the wheel and I just knew I was in for an encore.  Sure enough, she extracted a cigarette from her existing pack which apparently wasn’t yet exhausted and placed it in her mouth.  She pulled out of the stall and lit herself up before driving off, never to be seen again.

Very rarely do I experience love at first sight to this caliber, having just seen one of the most perfect female smokers I’d ever seen.  The inspirational element of this sighting came as I thought to myself while driving the final few blocks home that that girl would be good enough to rank among my best sightings of all time.   Taking mental note of that, I would then spend the coming weekend drawing up the first incarnation of a top-25 smoker sightings list, the majority of which are still on this list almost four years later.

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