#10. The Best Office Barbecue Ever And Its Young Teen Smoker MVP

An old coworker of mine and his wife loved to entertain, and they hosted a few barbecues every summer for their friends.  The first one I attended was in July 2007, and I remember thinking to myself as I was going to his place that even though the food and company might be good, there was virtually no chance of a smoker sighting of significance transpiring.  Again, the beauty of the smoking fetish is that you never know where you might stumble into unforgettable greatness.  In this case, I was definitely right that there were no great sightings to be found at the barbecue itself, but the teenage neighbor girl in the tightly compressed neighborhood was determined to make this a great night for me anyway.

We were all waiting for the food to be ready as we sat in the coworker’s (Steve) terrace, and I had a direct line of vision to the back steps of the house behind his when out stepped this adorable and petite young brunette.  She was just a little too far away to fully appreciate her age or just how pretty she was, but from what I could see she was an absolute doll and almost certainly no older than 14.  Despite this unlikely pedigree of a smoker, I just had a feeling what was coming…and I was validated as she pulled out a cigarette and lit up.  But what made this sighting so distinguished is what the girl proceeded to do for the duration of her smoke, which can be summed up by one word….spit.

Clearly a lot of hard-core smoking fetishers are not gonna find this attractive, but this cute little beginner smoker really confirmed her youthfulness and inexperience with habitual smoking as she hocked up a seemingly endless stream of lugies.  We’re talking at least two, sometimes three, in between every drag.  I don’t know where she was coming up with all this spit as she was leaning over every 15-20 seconds and releasing a generous dribble of saliva to the dirt next to her.  There must have been enough drool at that spot to form a pond.

I kept watch as the evening dragged by, and sure enough, a couple of hours later, girly came out for another cigarette, and the same process of obsessive-compulsive spitting played out once again, perhaps even more so this time.  I couldn’t help but wonder what this girl would think if she knew she was being watched.  Would she be mortified that somebody had been watching her put on this decidedly unfeminine display?  Or is she the kind of girl who is who she is and doesn’t care who knows it?  Either way, an absolutely awesome sighting and I had a half a mind to make Steve an offer to buy his house knowing that I’d have this girl for a neighbor.

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1 Response to #10. The Best Office Barbecue Ever And Its Young Teen Smoker MVP

  1. ECD says:

    That would be something to remember for a lifetime – and I would have found some way to take that dirt-clump home!

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