MNSF #42. Petite Camel Crush Blond With Hard-Core Natural Style

I was seriously contemplating leaving the 2012 Minnesota State Fair early on my first day there because of the noontime rain, but the day ultimately cleared up and a couple of sightings that transpired in the late afternoon made me really happy I decided to stick around, including this one that came amidst a very successful 20-minute stretch while walking near the grandstand, at the right place at the right time for one of my three best sightings of the day.

Heading westward where I had recently been entangled in another sighting, I would get another entanglement upon setting my eyes on this heaven-sent 21ish blond spitfire.  She looked about 5’1″ with shoulder-length blond hair, a black-and-white striped bare midriff top and dark blue denim capris.  She was walking amidst a boyfriend and another couple that included an attractive black girl who was also lighting up, but this fetisher’s eyes were fixated on that blond as she dangled an unlit all-white from her mouth, freshly removed from a black pack that I could tell were Camel Crushes.  I just knew I was in for a great show, but didn’t anticipate she’d be the most skilled smoker of the day.  I walked behind her after she lit up, hoping I could score a rear photo and at this point just wanting to keep close company behind them.  The boyfriend lit up a cigarette too so there were now three smokers in front of me…and I wanted to get another look at blondie’s face so I picked up my pace.

As I was in the process of passing from the side, I noticed both of her hands were on her iPhone as she was typing out a text.  What happened to the cigarette??!?! I thought to myself in a brief moment of panic before I took a couple more footsteps and got my answer.  She was dangling it….in one of the most adorable natural dangles I’ve ever seen, the all-white cigarette hanging out of her lips at just a slight slant as she typed and staying there for what seemed like a crazy amount of time.  It probably wasn’t more than 20 seconds but just seemed like it was going in slow motion given how incredible she looked with that stream of smoke rising from the cigarette up to her nose but not aggravating her a bit.  And she still wasn’t done as she looked up to the boyfriend who stood about eight inches taller than her and began speaking to him through her talking dangle.  Gahhh!  I was officially in love.

And as I pressed on, the show only got better as her style was positively extreme with thin streams of smoke escaping her mouth and nose as the rest of the smoke was clearly attaching itself to the tissue of her black lungs.  There were four people walking here amidst a large crowd and they were extremely unpredictable in their maneuvering, making it almost impossible to snap a photo, but I was content to simply catch as many of her rapist drags and thin exhales as possible, often coming in beautiful wispy talking exhales while conversing with either her boyfriend or the black female friend.  At one point, the giddy blond and her friend ran off to stick their faces in one of those boards with the holes in them…and from there proceeded to walk the perimeter of this one building for no apparent reason other than burning off a surplus of youthful energy, all while wielding cigarettes.

They soon met back up with the boyfriends in front of some food stand where the boyfriend went inside.  He handed the little blond girlfriend his cigarette when he went inside and she motioned the friend’s attention showing she now had a cigarette in both hands and proceeded to act as if she was gonna take puffs off of both of them.  Here’s where I managed to take a distant photo which at least isn’t blurry but is from far enough away that you can’t really appreciate her adorable features.  I had three more drags to enjoy and as always the exhales were the best part, either coming in thin streams after lengthy hold times or in the form of wispy talking exhales.  What an adorable little ball of energy she was.  She dropped the cigarette to the ground and stomped it out, and managed to resist finishing off the boyfriend’s cigarette as she waited for him to return. A minute or so later he did and they stood there longer than I had hoped as I desperately wanted to confirm that butt she dropped was a Camel Crush.  After a few more minutes, they walked away and I was able to do so.  I was now really glad I stuck around the Minnesota State Fair that day.

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