MNSF #30. Wholesome Smoky Hybrid of Carrie Underwood and Cousin Jamie

My best birthday gift on August 25, 2012, on the first day of Minnesota State Fair fetishing took place around 5:30 p.m.  I had taken an early interest in a sexy late-teen Asian girl with an epic rapist smoking style, but only about a minute into her performance, I looked to my right in a grassy area a brief distance away from the women’s bathroom to see this 22ish blond angel holding a freshly lit cigarette while in the company of a beautiful brunette friend and a guy.  I just couldn’t pass up a face like this, far and away the most beautiful of the day.  We’re talking a perfect 10 here, with long flowing platinum blond hair rolling over her shoulders and down her back, and decked out in the most conservative attire in the form of a jean jacket, a pair of dark jeans, and a navy blue Minnesota Twins T-shirt.  In a way this conservative outfit added to her allure as this wholesome face just wouldn’t have looked right wearing something slutty.  Never would I have guessed that this girl was a smoker if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes…..and I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me she was!
While watching her in this outfit I probably would have made the parallel even without the Twins shirt, but particularly with the fangirl Twins T-shirt I really picked up on a Cousin Jamie (Random #2 of all-time) vibe here….kind of a mix of Cousin Jamie and Carrie Underwood except even a little more adorable than both.  I made all these observations before she took her first drag.  I kind of figured she was probably a social smoker not only because she seemed too wholesome to be a smoker, but also because of the rather pedestrian way she held her cigarette.  I changed that assessment when the cigarette finally approached her lips after 30 seconds or more of waiting, and she proceeded to take a rapist five-second drag complete with a squinty-eyed look of pleasure.  When the cigarette left her adorable mouth, she then turned to the friend to say something and exhaled a snootful of smoke that nailed the nonsmoking brunette point blank in the face.  No apology coming from blondie….if you want to be friends with her you better get used to bathing in her exhaled smoke clouds.

Not sure if they began moving around because they noticed me watching, which is possible since I didn’t have a very good stalking position, but they migrated to this area where a couple of cars were on display in front of the beer gardens.  I followed and stood on the opposite side of the cars, still with a decent vantage point.  She was a slow smoker which was a little frustrating and her stylishness and skillfulness with the cigarette wasn’t on par with the #38 girl from this list who I had just seen moments earlier, but when she did take a drag boy howdy did she make it worth your while, pulling on that cigarette filter for five or six seconds with a shameless look of squinty-eyed pleasure and doing everything she could to turn the interior of her body black and slimy even as the exterior of her body couldn’t have been more beautiful.  And you could set your watch by the fact that as soon as the cigarette left her mouth, she would lean over to the friend to continue the conversation and, apparently without even realizing it, launch a toxic cloud of smoke point-blank into her face from only inches away.  How could a girl this beautiful be so obnoxious?  I was prepared to propose marriage to her if it would help me get an answer.  Now I was too far away to get a good picture, but I just had to get something and took a snapshot over the car.  It’s by no means great but even through the blurriness you can see she’s the highest caliber of beautiful.

I continued to be nervous that they knew I was watching them as they again moved away, this time walking towards the beer gardens building which is shaped like a garage with an open door, still considered indoors and still smoke-free by order of law.  But was the law gonna stop this girl from walking inside with a cigarette?  Hell no!  They didn’t go far inside, but they did go inside, hovering underneath the roof and continuing to chat, with blondie continuing to take her drags and continuing to nail the brunette in the face, not in a way that seemed malicious, just clueless.  Even there they didn’t stay long–no more than three minutes–and would eventually drift to the remote area where the sighting started, with blondie leaning against a tree and finishing off the last quarter of her cigarette.  I actually got to see one exhale that didn’t smash the friend in the face as she was a little too far away to pummel her in this instance, apparently finally learning she needs to keep a bit of a distance unless she wants a faceful of blondie’s ciggy vapors every time she breathes.

Now it was just a matter of identifying that butt….but I watched her crush it against the tree and then just hang onto it.  It was killing me knowing I wouldn’t be able to know her brand, but when about three minutes passed and she was still hanging onto the butt, I decided it was time to head out.  When I returned a few minutes later to see if maybe just maybe there was still a butt laying there, I came up empty.  Even without the butt, the image of this beauty queen nailing her friend in the face with exhale after exhale was my best image of the day, and I was really feeling an adrenaline rush about the remaining hours of fetishing at this point.

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