MNSF #33. Brunette Glamour Teens Return For A Smoky Encore

Going back to that uber-epic day that was the 2008 Minnesota State Fair.  My fortunes had been increasing that day, and I got cocky around 5 p.m. when I decided to make my second and final run of the day through the more lightly traveled north side of the fairgrounds. Almost every year, I get something good sightings-wise on the north side, so it’s a no-brainer to take the half-hour loop that direction a couple of times per day, and on this day the gamble paid off with a minisaga that would ultimately evolve into one of my top best sightings of the day even after beginning as a huge missed opportunity….

I came upon a bench near the 4-H building and spotted two long-haired dark brunettes sucking on the tail end of cork filters. On the left was a skinny 16-17ish superbabe, pretty as can be, with a figure so visibly slender that I was struck by it even as she was sitting. Unfortunately, she locked eyes with me almost immediately after I looked her way. On my second passing glance, I took in her friend, equally beautiful if not slightly more so but just a tad chubbier. Again, her eyes met with mine instantly. Both girls had spotted me. If I had more confidence, and if they weren’t jailbait, I may have taken the opportunity to approach them. Instead, I walked on past, self-conscious about peering over my shoulder too soon and getting busted for eyeballing these hotties too intently. Eventually, however, I was enough distance away that I did turn around to get another look. Both girls had long manes of gorgeous and curly dark brown hair and were as glamorous and beautiful of teen smoker girls as I could hope to see. Unfortunately, they were so far away and I desperately wanted a closer look that I knew I wasn’t gonna get… least for now…..

Over the course of the next half hour I would wrap up my stint on the north side and head towards the grandstand area where I scored one of my two monster epics of the day.  I couldn’t improve upon that, but I could think of no better follow-through than to redeem my near-blockbuster sighting of the two brunettes from the north side barely a half hour earlier…and one of them was already smoking again! The odds were against it, but here were the same two hotties from before, this time walking and allowing me a full-profile glance at their bodies. The somewhat chubbier but still beautiful girl was standing in line waiting for mini-donuts, while the slender girl was smoking what was at least her second cigarette of the hour. She had a perfect hourglass figure concealed in a tight form-fitting black lace top. After her friend purchased the mini-donuts, they walked towards a seating area. The shapely smoker soon deposited her cigarette to the ground and carried the pack of Marlboro Reds in her hand until they got to a bench and sat down, finally getting the opportunity to really study their astounding beauty…

I sat nearby and watched as the friend ate her mini-donuts, hoping that possibly more tobacco consumption would transpire when she finished eating. Unfortunately, both girls got up and walked away in about 10 minutes…..not that watching those cute teenage butts walk away was a bad thing!  Now these girls looked quite similar but I’m not sure whether they were sisters (or possibly even non-identical twins) or just friends that really looked a lot alike, but my hunch would be the latter.  Whatever the case, they were one of the more memorable finds of one of my greatest days ever of fetishing…and that’s a pretty high bar to cross.

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