MNSF #24. Teen Blond “Fem-bots” of Smoky Perfection

The 2006 Minnesota State Fair was the year the sightings busted wide open as I no longer was attending evening concerts and was now able to dedicate my entire evening to sightings.  I had already made out like a bandit with the sightings after dark that night, but this one that began around 9 p.m. was the cream of the crop.

If you blinked, you’d miss five sightings in those evening hours, but the downside with evening sightings is that they can be a bit of a blur when the darkness obstructs the intensive observation that the light of day provides. But there was one two-for-the-price-of-one sighting where that certainly didn’t apply as I passed the horticulture building, approaching the Space Tower. About 50 yards in front of me, I noticed two amazing blond female bodies from the rear that instantly struck me, and proceeded forward to find freshly lit cigarettes in both of their hands. I hadn’t seen anything quite like these two all day.  They were the kind of impossibly well-proportioned teenage hotties who seemed as though they were “fem-bot” constructions of some engineering wizard rather than actual humans. Their appeal was only accentuated by their ultra-feminine attire, including a pink-and-white striped tanktop and tight jeans on the one girl and a pink tanktop and denim miniskirt on the other, all topped off with freshly lit all whites extending from their fingers….

I accelerated my pace to get a closer look and was fortunate enough to have the girls sit on the sidewalk to consume their cigarettes. I sat on the sidewalk across the street and admired their doll-like cuteness and watched them copiously dragging from their cigarettes. Unable to appreciate the depth of their facial beauty from this distance at night, I decided to walk across the street and get a closer look at them in passing. Both girls lived up to expectations, amazing beauties who were probably 16-17, with the pink shirt/denim skirt vixen particularly beautiful. About 30 seconds after crossing the street, the girls jubilantly rose from the sidewalk and ran over to embrace two guys I certainly assumed to be their boyfriends. It was amazing to see their fem-bot figures bounce to life jubilantly to approach and hug their boyfriends, neither of whom was smoking at least at the time.  Just imagine how stinky these girls must have been!

I followed them for a good block as they finished their cigarettes before watching them drop their butts to pavement above 30 seconds apart. The blond in the jeans was smoking Marlboro Light, while the even prettier blond in the denim miniskirt was smoking a Parliament. This would have been a sighting for the ages even if it ended there, but these girls weren’t through with me yet.

About an hour and a half later, I met up with the parents at the agreed-upon location and we were exiting the fairgrounds for the night. There’s an overpass that rises above the nearby street that we were walking to en route to the fairgrounds parking lot.  As I ascended the ramp to get on the overpass, I looked to my right to see an adorable blond in a pink shirt and denim miniskirt walking with her boyfriend and holding a cigarette. You guessed it. It was the “fem-bot” from an hour earlier. Not far behind her was the other blond, also sucking down another cigarette.  Again, neither of the boyfriends were smoking.    Apparently they live in walking distance from the State Fairgrounds. Almost made me want to move to St. Paul just so I can have neighbors like these unimaginable hotties!

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