MNSF #26. A Trio of Glowing Embers And White Shorts In The Night

Here’s a vintage sighting that doesn’t have a compelling storyline or even that much in the way of details, so I’ll have to go the extra mile in my narrative to sell why this one is so high on my list. Suffice it to say it’s the third of my classics from 2003 that features first-of-their-kind triggers that would pave the way for future sightings favorites.  Kind of crazy to think back to how strong my fetish was back in 2003, yet I still didn’t appreciate the depth of female smoking specifics the way that I do now.  Anyway, here’s how it played out….

I already mentioned my mom and I took the seat for the outdoor Suzy Bogguss concert and almost immediately I spotted the girl with the Norman Rockwell family who was my Sighting #35 on this list.  But sitting there after that it was driving me crazy that my sightings prospects would be virtually nil for the coming hour as I simply sat there waiting for the concert to begin.  Restless, I told my mom I was gonna go to the bathroom and then head off to get something to drink, letting her know I would be a while.  I think you know what I did instead.  The sun had just set and darkness was consuming the grounds quickly even as I started my solo loop around the grounds.  It would be my first solo journey around the fairgrounds after dark.  I saw a number of decent sightings, but it wasn’t until I left the midway and walked near the beer gardens area that my venture truly paid off.

Walking about 10 yards in front of me and catching my eye was a group of four 18-19sh beauties, and I immediately noticed that three of them, two brunettes and a blonde, were in possession of cigarettes.    The sky was now completely black, and as I watched those three embers glowing from a distance, it struck me that this was my very first after-dark sighting of significance at the Minnesota State Fair.  Right away, the evening setting created an entirely different vibe to this setting, and it didn’t hit me until just today that what I would proceed to do next was also a first in the history of my fetish.

Up to that point, my classic sightings had all taken place with sedentary girls.  But these girls were in motion, and my first cluster of bona fide babes all day, and since I wanted to see more from them, I followed them.  I walked directly behind them unnoticed and got the most fascinating view of well-toned teenage booty in recent memory. All three girls were beautiful with awesome bodies and posteriors draped in snug jean shorts.  The best of the girls was the blond, a stunning specimen with a mane of curly blonde hair flowing over her shoulders onto her red top…and her bottom draped in form-fitting white shorts that drove me to erection as I walked behind it watching it wiggle so close to that smoldering cigarette.  While the other two smoker girls had plenty to be proud of as well, the blonde dominated my attention, and if you recall from Sighting #32, also from 2003, I had just had my first real introduction to the hotness of smoker girls in white shorts, so this was my second white shorts meal of the day.  I was actually walking so close that, even in the dark, I was able to see the Marlboro print on their all-whites to determine they were all smoking Marlboro Lights.

Making matters even better, the vapors of the girls’ secondhand smoke hit me like a punch in the face with every step I followed, even though following from behind I was not in any position to study their drags. This lasted a good minute before the girls went a different direction and I realized I was long overdue to get back to the concert.  Once again, it just struck me today that this was the first sighting where I recall walking through girls exhales as I followed.  I can’t believe it took this long for me to follow girls smoking this closely as they smoked, but I knew there was something about this sighting that has stuck out to me as so magical all these years later.  Here it was my first after-dark MNSF sighting and thus my introduction to the special atmosphere that comes with evening sightings…and my first sighting following smoker girls and getting splashed by their exhales.  No wonder it was so hard to motivate myself to get back to the concert.

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One Response to MNSF #26. A Trio of Glowing Embers And White Shorts In The Night

  1. ECD says:

    Who doesn’t love a sweet, curvy young bottom in tight, white shorts, and fantasize about tumbling into a playful pile with it finally plunking itself down upon his face as if he were a living seat cushion, her soft nether cheeks against his face cheeks, his nose and mouth happily in the darkness of her canyon?

    Icing upon the cake to watch such a perfect ass on the move and daydream of making love to it whilst from her top end issue streams of sweet smoke, having pleasured her lungs, puff after puff, well-used tobacco smoke mingled with her own waste air, which you are close enough to suck down into your own lungs, whilst she blithely and blissfully saunters on without the slightest awareness of your need nor concern that her smoke and that of her friends is blowing into your face, puff after puff.

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