MNSF #88. Beautiful Jean-Shorted Dark Brunette Bookends Outstanding Afternoon With Two Cigarettes

I had an amazing stretch of extra base hits in the late afternoon and early evening hours on my first day at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair.  The following sighting bookended those hours of greatness….

I walked around to the front side of the beer gardens block and stumbled into one of my better finds of the day and easily one of the prettiest and most wholesome girls.  She was a petite 21ish dark brunette whose long hair came out of the back of her “Army” hat in a ponytail.  Her face was extremely pretty and wholesome and her outfit of a white tanktop and pair of extremely short jean shorts fit with the rest of the look.  She sat there looking at her phone next to her boyfriend with her cigarette protruding from her fingers.  The boyfriend wasn’t smoking at the time but I’d later discover he did in fact smoke.  Whatever the case, a nonsmoking blond female friend took a photo of them per the couple’s request and little did she know I was taking a photo of her myself with my own camera phone and captured some very good ones of her studying her phone with her cigarette held next to the phone, and one of them while she’s in mid-drag.  Her smoking style wasn’t distinctive but still incredibly cute seeing this adorable face consume these carcinogens so willingly and then release them in tight straight-ahead exhales that came mostly from her mouth.  I could tell from the markings on the cigarette’s blond filter that it was a Camel Turkish Royal and it’s a good thing I did because she stubbed out the cigarette on the cement and then tossed it in the trash can before she got up to leave with the boyfriend and the blond nonsmoking friend.  The sighting itself was a stand-up double and got me pretty excited, and thankfully it wasn’t the only time I’d see her smoking that day….

I had just separated from my parents around 7:20 following our usual evening cookie run and I would wrap up that lengthy period of extra-base hits with one last spurt of strong momentum to enjoy, and it came from a returning favorite from the afternoon, the very sighting that really got the afternoon going.  There’s a windy ramp that leads up to edge of the grandstand on the west side and I often see smokers sitting along the berm enjoying a smoke break.  That night I saw one of the day’s most memorable and beautiful girls doing just that…my ponytailed dark brunette in the Army cap with the short jean shorts.  Earlier in the day when I saw her outside of the beer gardens, her boyfriend wasn’t smoking but this time they were both smoking, and it was easy to see from their blond filters that both were smoking Camel Turkish Royals.  There was a bunch of open space right next to them on the berm and I sat to the girl’s right, pretending to be watching over the gate to sneak a peek at Carrie Underwood inside the grandstand as she was now starting to perform.  It was a pretty perfect situation as I was able to watch her out of the corner of my eye and sneak some side angle pics giving a new perspective on how short her shorts are and how nice her legs are, among other things.  It was also nice to see her drags from close range, followed by the tight, straight-ahead exhales that exited her gorgeous mouth with just the smallest of residual nasal spill….

I got to see four or five drags and thought I had achieved pure perfection when from out of nowhere this chatty late 40s grandstand worker gal approached us and sat right in between us!  Seriously!  She was asking me all about the Carrie Underwood show as she took a smoke break of her own and went on to complain about her undependable coworker in the grandstand vendor booth.  She was quite friendly and I will say that I was at least able to look past her while chatting and take in a couple more of the sexpot brunette’s drags and exhales.  She also wasn’t out there long as their breaks must be very short, taking off in about three minutes at almost exactly the same time as my smoking couple left.  I saw that the brunette crushed out her cigarette against the berm and didn’t bother with taking the Camel Turkish Royal butt to the garbage as she had earlier in the day.  All things considered, the derail wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and the second sighting from this gorgeous brunette sealed the deal that she was destined for my year-end greatest hits list.

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