MNSF #82. Bare-Midriffed Teen Bulldozes Through Dense Crowd, Exhaling Toxic Smoke Every Step Of The Way

Despite having next to no unforgettable sightings all day during Day 2 of the 2016 Minnesota State Fair, my sightings count for the day was spectacular as I was approaching 200 sightings for the first time since 2011.  And I’d get as close as I’d come to sightings nirvana in the 9 p.m. hour as I crossed the street from the beer gardens block towards the smoking area north of there when the girl of the day crossed in front of me.  There were actually two girls, both about 17 or 18, one blond and one brunette, identically dressed in sexy white bare midriff tops with skin-tight black pants on their bottoms.  They weren’t leggings but they were slacks just about as tight as leggings.  Both girls were gorgeous but the brunette was hotter…and she happened to be the one wielding a freshly lit cigarette.  The crowd was dense on this block and they were heading in the direction of the teen huddle at the edge of the midway where the crowd was about to get much, much denser.  The brunette was attending to her cigarette quite regularly with fantastic drags and exhales.  But the challenge of the day was about to emerge as they were about to penetrate this mass of teenage humanity.  The girls grasped each other’s hands, not because they were lesbian lovers, but so they wouldn’t lose each other amidst this outrageously dense crowd.  My difficult task was to follow directly behind her without having a part of her anatomy to hold on to the way the blond friend did, tempting as it was to grab hold of that killer ass in those tight pants and have her lead me through the crowd that way……

Exciting as this sighting was already, it got that much more exciting as the three of us broke through the crowd.  If I broke my concentration even for a second and let someone else get in front of me, I’d lose her in this huddle and I wasn’t gonna let that happen because her performance was incredible.  In the past when I’ve seen smokers try to break though this huddle, they held their cigarette cupped in their hand to avoid burning anyone, but this girl wasn’t gonna allow this crowd to alter her nicotine consumption in any way, taking copious drags with head-spinning frequency and exhaling with reckless abandon.  I doubt there was any smoker in all of America last night who was forcing more nonsmokers to choke on their secondhand smoke than this girl as her exhales were expelled from her facial orifices into whoever happened to be in their way.  My God it was sexy!  And for as many people getting some degree of direct or indirect exposure to her secondhand smoke, nobody else was getting violated nearly to the degree that I was as there was always some blowback from her exhales into my face, only a second or two removed from being inside her lungs.

It took about three minutes to break through this crowd and we surfaced on the northern edge of the huddle near the bathrooms where more friends met the two I followed.  They were all girls and all in the 17 range.  None were smokers and while all were cuties, none were as hot or as sexily dressed as the blond or especially the brunette who had just immersed themselves in their group.  The brunette continued to smoke her cigarette and I welcomed the opportunity for a sedentary closing to this sighting as I watched her continue to puff away and exhale nicely in the company of these nonsmoking friends.  The smoker got on her phone to make a quick call amidst the final couple of drags from her cigarette.  Much as I wanted a photo, it was too dark and the lighting was too bad to make it worth the risk so I just enjoyed the rest of the show before she tossed the remains of her cork filter cigarette to the ground.  The crowd was way too thick to try to score a butt ID so I walked away, content to have finally gotten a comprehensive sighting of a young hottie with a great storyline.  It was a relief to have gotten at least one electric moment on this generally disappointing day.

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