MNSF #74. Blond Teen Duo Are The First To Violate The New Fairgrounds Smoking Restrictions

There was tremendous uncertainty heading into my first day at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair as I had no idea how the new “designated smoking areas” would play out.  Early on I got a few anecdotal inclinations that it wouldn’t be as bad as I feared but it wasn’t even noon yet when my mind was put at ease as I scored my first great sighting of the day.  And part of what made this sighting so much fun was that it didn’t even occur in one of the smoking areas….

As I was walking southward towards the International Bazaar, en route to one of the designated smoking areas, I found a trio of late teens approaching me, two blond girls and a guy.  And one of the girls, a dark blond in a yellow T-shirt and white shorts barely visible below the long T-shirt, had a cigarette in hand.  Particularly heartwarming was that she didn’t look like a smoker at all.  She wasn’t milk-and-honey wholesome per se, but she definitely looked like a good kid who would not be inclined to take up smoking in the year 2013.  And the guy in the group had a beard but didn’t appear the least bit thuggish either.  Yet here they were strutting through the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in complete violation of the fairgrounds’ ban of smoking outside of designated locations.  I followed and snapped a photo from behind, delighted to see my first girl-next-door smoker cutie of the day.  Her smoking was solid but undistinguished but there was one disappointment in my first minute or so of observation of this sighting….and that was the fact that gorgeous long-haired blond friend was the only one of the three not smoking.  I hadn’t given up that she ultimately would, and I ended up being right….

The beautiful blond with the pink and white hat, the pink tanktop, and the incredible ass draped in very pale blue cutoffs made my day at the Minnesota State Fair worthwhile when she took possession of the cigarette from the blond friend and turned the sighting into a two-for-one about 90 seconds into the sighting.  It’s girls like this I spend so much time at these fairs to see smoking as her feminine profile could not have been more perfect and the insertion of the cork filter cigarette between her lips made the masterpiece complete.  Her smoking style was like the friend’s in that it offered no bells and whistles but still impressed with some nice draw times on the drag.

The trio eventually sat down on the curb to finish their cigarettes.  Obviously I would have preferred if both girls had their own cigarettes, but the shared cigarette sighting was perfectly acceptable given the otherwise delicious optics.  I lurked in the forefront, sneaking a few photos (it’s much easier to sneak photos with my new camera phone than with the old one) and watching a solid performance.  The original blond in the yellow top, who was a solid 8 on the beauty spectrum herself but was nonetheless wildly upstaged by her friend, wrapped up the cigarette and smoked it incredibly close to the filter before crushing it out on the curb and leaving with the guy.  I checked out the butt and could only identify the green ring on the filter which I believe is a variation of Marlboro Menthols.  From there, it was just a matter of watching that blond in pink walk away, my heart melting watching her ass wiggle in those pale blue cutoffs.  If this was the best sighting I scored for the day, the day would be worthwhile.  And it ended up being my third best sighting of the day.

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