MNSF #58. Girl-Next-Door Teen Blond Lights Up With Boyfriend In Smoking Area

I fled the smoking area west of the grandstand to avoid a potentially wrathful boyfriend after scoring my #78 sighting on this list and felt like I got robbed out of greatness for two sightings in a row, I deserved a break, damn it!  And I would get that break about one minute later when I approached the east side grandstand smoking area and spotted a very young couple sitting on a bench.  Now this bench was kind of on the edge of the smoking area so I didn’t want to get my hopes up here.  They may have simply not realized this was a bench in the smoking area and were just sitting down to relax, I told myself attempting to hold expectations down looking at this wholesome couple where at least the girl was unequivocally underage.

Having braced myself for disappointment, imagine my elation when the boyfriend produced a pack of Marlboro 27s….and then his little blond girlfriend in the neon orange tanktop and ultra-short jean shorts dipped into her bag and extracted a cigarette from her own pack.  This was gonna be something very special and I had a perfect vantage point as she placed the unlit cigarette in her youthful mouth and lit up.  If the previous boyfriend was hyperaware of my presence, this couple hadn’t a clue as I was capturing photo after photo after photo of them from close range.  The girl struck me right away as a cutie but surprised me over the course of the sighting how much character she had in her face with some very adorable and expressive responses to the boyfriend’s conversation in between drags on her cigarette, and a couple of my photos captured those responses.  And when I wasn’t looking at her face I was checking out that lower body where her jean shorts were so short that the vast majority of her bare leg and even her lower ass was touching the plastic cover of that bench.  I hope that boyfriend of hers had the vaguest hint of a clue how lucky he is!

After a couple of minutes standing next to them and watching, I decided I had just as good of a vantage point sitting on the nearby curb and looking at them head-on, giving me another spot to snap pics from a different angle.  As for her smoking style, she was a rookie of course.  There was no telling how long she’s been at it but her drags were modest and her exhales were fairly shallow, but that made her immersion in the smoking lifestyle at such a young age when it’s so frowned upon by society that much more adorable.  Studying her face in photos today I can’t imagine she’s older than 16 but perhaps she’s 17 I suppose.  And unlike the last sighting, I got a “farrow-to-finish” sighting here, watching her smoke the whole cigarette from light-up to crushing the cigarette out on the grass below her foot.  Unfortunately when the couple didn’t get up for a couple of minutes after finishing their cigarettes I got impatient and walked away briefly, checking out some other nearby areas and planning to return for an official butt ID.

I was gone for less than two minutes but the young couple had cleared out with the bench now occupied by another.  By the time I was actually able to sit at that bench more than an hour later it was impossible to identify which butt was the blond teen’s.  Butt ID or not, this was the single best daytime sighting I’ve scored in one of the designated smoking areas after three years of navigating.  The fact that a girl this young and cute is comfortable enough to smoke in such a public spot gives me a smidgen of hope for the future of teen smoking, and I suddenly had my second best sighting of the day only moments after my third best!

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