MNSF #48. Inebriated Auburn-Haired Sexpot Devours Two Cigarettes Oozing With Bodily Pleasure

I cited elsewhere in the countdown that in the mid-evening hours of Day 2 of the 2017 Minnesota State Fair on Labor Day weekend, I scored three great extra-base hits nearly back to back to back. The second of these, and my favorite of the three, came as I progressed to the east side of the beer gardens. Seated on the edge of the smoking area was an early 20s auburn-haired babe who I could tell from afar was holding a cigarette and chatting with a guy friend who was about to venture off, perhaps to get another drink. I was still 10 yards or more away from her but could already tell she was massively drunk. Usually that level of drunkenness is a bit of a turn-off but in this case it likely took the sighting to an entirely different level. I got close enough to sit down within about three feet of her and it was only after I got a look at her body that I recognized the magnitude of babe that she was, decked out in a white top and these perfect-fitting pale blue jean shorts that framed the most chiseled lower body I’d seen all day, her crossed legs a work of art worthy of the fairgrounds’ most impressive art exhibits….

But as artistic as her female form was, her smoking was at an entirely different level. For all intents and purposes, her all-white cigarette was consumed in one never-ending drag in a way I’ve never really seen a girl do before. I suppose it’s possible she always smokes like this, but I figure the vulnerability of her drunken state was exposing the true state of pleasure she was getting from this cigarette in a way she probably wouldn’t display so openly if she was sober. The cigarette went up to her lips and she took insanely long and intense drags, usually with her eyes fully closed indicating a sexualized pleasure, and she barely had enough time to exhale the smoke before the cigarette was going back to her mouth for even more cigarette rape. The cherry was glowing a permanent smoldering red, at some points glowing red for a good half-inch with as frequently and heavily as she was pulling from that cigarette. She was so out of it and I was so close that I thought maybe some truly memorable photos were attainable here, but the backlighting at this spot was nonexistent and none of the handful of pics I took turned out even a little bit. In only about three minutes, she sent the cigarette to its final resting place after forcing it to suffer one of the most agonizing deaths I’ve ever seen. She crushed out the cigarette on the cinder block and briefly put it on top of the block, giving me some hope she might take off and let me get a butt ID, but instead dropping the butt into her empty beer cup. The boyfriend still wasn’t back and she was still sitting there alone, so I looked her over good before I took off and couldn’t believe how perfect those legs and crotch were, the best I’d seen all day on a smoker girl….

I began to walk away from this sighting, but about 100 yards down the block, I felt this overwhelming urge to walk back there and see if she was still there. Just maybe, with as much pleasure as she had gotten from that last cigarette, she’d decide to light up another….so I started walking back….and it was my best decision of the night. As I approached the smoking area, there was my auburn-haired beauty with the perfect legs and ass extracting a blue pack of cigarettes from her purse to light up another one. I believe the blue pack of L & Ms is L & M Lights. Whatever the case, that’s what she was smoking. Her inebriated state was once again obvious as she fumbled around with the pack, struggling to remove a cigarette. After about 10 seconds of struggle, she pulled it off and inserted the all-white cigarette in her mouth. I hadn’t even realized her boyfriend was back and he was now seated close to where I had been when watching her smoke the first time. He observed her struggle and extended his hand with a lighter, offering to assist. But she sweetly smiled and passed on the offer, showing him the lighter in her hand which she then placed up to the end of her cigarette and fired up….

If it seemed like she was having an orgasm smoking the last cigarette, this one was smoked with even more sexualized satisfaction and was taken down again in what was effectively one endless litany of flash-bang drags. The cigarette was never away from her lips more than about three seconds, with her eyes closed for at least half of it, enjoying the warm feeling of carcinogens ingested into her lungs so much that she was about to burst. I was now seated behind her and in the brief seconds that I was able to look away from the cigarette in her mouth, I peered down to that incredible lower body of hers and checked out her ass. I only wish I had seen her in a standing position because I bet she had the ass of the day in those perfectly proportioned pale blue cutoffs. Her drags were so constant and so hard that she often extended her arm to ash on the pavement, always dropping a huge, glowing cherry of red hot ash to the ground before placing it back to her lips for another ruthlessly hard hit. I started to wonder if the boyfriend had a fetish too because he was eyeballing her and watching her smoke just about as closely as I was. Perhaps I got lost in the moment but I have my doubts whether even two minutes passed before she lit up that second cigarette and before she crushed it out. I had half a mind to stay right here and see what else she was up to, but after she put the second butt in the beer cup as she did the first, I decided to take off. I wasn’t gone long, returning to see if she was still there no more than 15 minutes later, but she was gone by this time, hopefully not attempting to drive home!

It was another case where I was overcome with jealousy for that boyfriend who likely had the honors of peeling off those perfect jean shorts from her chiseled ass, legs, and crotch and fucking her to within an inch of her life when they got home, but honestly the look on her face as she smoked made me wonder if it was possible for sex to even rival the pleasure she got from that cigarette. This one really gave me the burst of adrenaline I needed in the mid-evening.

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