MNSF #72. Ditzy Teen Newport Cutie And Her Nonsmoking Friends

The demographic of nicotine-addicted fairgoer I’m always most hopeful to see but often prove elusive is the wholesome underage girl, but just before sunset on my second day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair, my patience was ultimately rewarded with an eventual sighting and even though this one would be brief, less definitely proved to be more in this instance.

Walking on the street encircling the Space Tower sat a bench full of teenagers including three girls and a guy.  They looked like a fairly typical cohort of 16ish kids but even from afar, one girl had a face that demanded to be adored.  And it just so happened she was digging into her purse.  Could she, I thought to myself before I even got a close enough look to know if she was worth the hype.  Only once or twice in a fair day are you genuinely surprised, but when I saw a lighter spark about an inch in front of her face, my evening’s moment of surprise had arrived.  And the bench right next to them was wide open.

The only downside was that there were four people on the bench and she was on the inside with the guy in the group to her left obstructing my view.  That minor complaint aside, the girl could not have possibly lived up to expectations better, with a positively adorable and wholesome face, long light brown hair going down her back and a skimpy pair of tight-fitting jean shorts on the bottom with a smooth set of slender stems extending beyond them.  It appeared as though she had just saved the tail end of this cigarette as she only mustered four drags from it, but knowing that this girl, far and away the cutest and most wholesome girl in this group of comparative plain janes was the only smoker had my heart racing.

I didn’t have a great vantage point of her exhales but they were very cloudy for a girl her age and if her friends’ group who were huddled onto this bench with her didn’t like the smell of smoke then they were out of luck that night because she was producing serious clouds full of it.  All too quickly, the cigarette was exhausted of its contents and she boarishly tossed the still-smoldering butt onto the street in front of her.  The group obediently got up preparing to leave, and this 16ish sweetheart began walking right in front of me while the others in her group stood from behind watching her with smirks on their faces.  When she was standing right in front of me, looking almost like a caricature of a wholesome 16-year-old Midwestern girl, holding her purse and her can of Mountain Dew, her friends were reminding her that whatever the destination they were headed to was the other direction.  With a bubbly smirk and some lighthearted comments uttered back at them in a girlish voice that suggested this girl is the most fun person in her group and perhaps a little flaky, she walked back in the other direction and left with the friends.

First I spotted that still smoldering cork filter butt she left behind.  It was a Newport.  And then I raced ahead hoping to get a picture of this cutie.  Unfortunately it was almost sunset and my camera doesn’t work at all in the dark.  I got a terrible headless photo from behind that’s very blurry but nothing else worked.  Still, those wholesome underage sightings give you a surge of energy that makes sore feet not so sore anymore for the remaining 2 1/2 hours of fetishing.  Despite the limited time frame, it was one of my top-five sightings of the day.

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