MNSF #99. The 93X Rocks Girl Out For Her Smoke Breaks

Another classic from that bonus day of fetishing I got at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair, when I enjoyed a second half-day at the fair on Labor Day weekend and it delivered far more delicious stuff than the previous week, including this homerun right around noon.

There are two large cement seating areas on both the left and right sides of the grandstand that have been sightings gold mines over the years. Such was the case this day on the west side as I encircled the seating area to find a cutiepie long-haired (semicurly haired) brunette sitting all by herself on a bench with a cell phone and a cigarette. I sat on a nearby bench and had a perfect vantage point to watch the show. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something about this 18ish girl that drew me in, and it might have something to do with how her face was kind of tiny, scrunched together in a way that was distinctive but still very cute. She wasn’t an epic beauty but was very cute and didn’t particularly look like a smoker, decked out in jeans and a black sweatshirt with the logo “93X Rocks” that must have been incredibly hot by that point in the late morning.

Yet the drags were frequent and the exhales tight and impressive combination nose-mouth inhales amidst the texts she was sending. She tossed the cork-filter Camel to the pavement and started walking my direction. I knew she had noticed me but was kind of nervous as to what may be coming. But she walked right past me and seemed to slip into the booth right behind me. I had to see where she disappeared to, and I walked up to the booth that she seemed to slink into and, lo and behold, it was the 93X Rocks radio station that she advertised on her sweatshirt. There she stood, amidst three coworkers stinking up the inside of the booth with the smell of fresh smoke clinging to her. I hope the coworkers found it as repulsive as I found it lip-smackingly hot. And once again in a day of multiple sightings of the same girl, to be continued on her…..

I had already had a great repeat sighting earlier that morning and was about to have another one the next time I went to the seating area to the west of the grandstand. Once again, sitting on a bench all to herself was the cutie who earlier had been wearing the 93X Rocks sweatshirt. She had lost the sweatshirt but thankfully had not lost her Camels as she polished off the final couple drags of another one, her second cigarette break in the last two hours or so. Once again, I followed her as she went back to the 93X Rocks booth to immerse her stinky self back into the booth with her coworkers. I would even see this girl once more on the grounds late in the afternoon. She didn’t have a cigarette that time, but she had such an intriguingly unique look that I recognized her immediately. Hot stuff.

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