MNSF #94. Two Smoker Babes Learning The Art of Sharing

While there were future years that would impress more, 2004 was the first year at the Minnesota State Fair that I would define as “great”, delivering a consistent quality and quantity of sightings over the duration of the day.  It would be mid-afternoon that I would get the first sighting I ever remember of its kind, even though it’s become a much more common occurrence in the years since…

I was walking near one of the south side gates and happened to pass three very hot 18-21 chicks just walking in, all of them incredible beauties. I could see one of the girls, a very attractive blond, had a cigarette between her fingers. Once they passed me, I did one of my famous 180-degree pivots and started following them. The blond took a nice cheek-hollowing drag off her cylinder of tobacco and tar and I instantly fell in love.  Even though it appeared the other girls were not smoking, if this girl was the only smoker of the bunch, it would still be a great sighting.

But shortly after that, something I don’t ever recall seeing before happened. The attractive brunette next to her leaned her right hand towards the blond, who proceeded to hand her the cigarette, which she took an intense drag from before handing it back to the blond.  For some reason, this was a genuine novelty to me at the time, and I found it amazing that the brunette would be requesting a drag from this blond and that the blond would accommodate her.  Now I generally prefer it when girls each smoke separate cigarettes, but something about this sighting led my mind towards not only sharing among friends, but a sharing of feminine DNA.  In no way was it anything like if the girls had actually, but for a for a few split seconds while watching that brunette take that drag, that thought was going through my head.

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