MNSF #44. Teen Smokers In Jean Shorts Thuggishly Defy Smoking Restrictions In Front Of Cop

I was seated on the cement of the seating area outside the west side of the grandstand during the early 9:00 hour of my first night of the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, thoroughly enjoying a quality threesome of college-age smoker girls puffing away in front of my face.  I wasn’t gonna walk away from this show for just anything, but at one point I just happened to look to my left at exactly the right time to see a duo of 18ish girls in tanktops and jean shorts strutting their way through the grounds wielding cigarettes, leaving a smoke trail in their path.  Suddenly I had an entirely new conquest to see what would become of them.  As I maneuvered around and followed them with my eyes, I determined that these two weren’t the MOST beautiful girls on the fairgrounds that night, but they were nonetheless above average and the devil-may-care confidence they exuded breaking the smoking rules of the Minnesota State Fair immediately let me know I was in for a treat here, but I didn’t know just how much of a treat and wouldn’t have guessed they would end up being my second best sightings of the day as they did.

They turned towards the entrance of the grandstand, where a female fairgrounds cop stood there guarding the gate, mostly to make sure nobody without a ticket tried to sneak into the Sammy Hagar concert.  I had just assumed these girls were heading to the area’s sizeable designated smoking area to finish their cigarettes, but they just kept marching right on up to the cop as if they were gonna go into the grandstand.  They greeted the cop as they got there and attempted to walk past her, but were politely stopped in their tracks and I heard the cop say “No you can’t smoke in there”.  Did these barely legal girls seriously believe they were gonna not only slide past the cop into the grandstand with cigarettes in hand, but go in to see the show without tickets?  Um, girls, it hasn’t been legal to smoke inside the grandstand for at least 10 years….when the two of you were still in elementary school!  How could girls who grew up in the era of ever-tightening smoking bans be this clueless?  I have no idea, but the sex appeal was absolutely off the charts as they turned around defeated, walking past me the other direction and finally giving me the first look at their faces….

While not supermodels, these two were far too wholesome and too pretty to fit the stereotype of smokers in the year 2013.  The taller, long-haired light brunette was the prettier and more wholesome of the two, and as she walked past me she was still rolling her eyes about being spurned by the cop for trying to walk into the concert with a cigarette. She was wearing a gray tanktop and short pale blue shorts that framed a nice ass and long, slender legs.  The other girl was a dark brunette with hair that was still long but not as long as the friend’s.  She had a little more meat on her bones but wasn’t chubby.  She was wearing a darker and higher-riding pair of jean shorts that from afar was the first thing about this duo that stood out for me.  She was without question cute, and from what I observed appeared to be a slightly better smoker, but the other girl fascinated me more.

They proceeded out of the smoking area and into the grounds, cigarettes still in hand, ironically walking away in disgust from the cop for trying to get into one part of the grounds that didn’t allow smoking while either cluelessly or intentionally advancing into another part of the grounds that didn’t allow smoking.  These two were something else, and as I followed, my heart filled with sexual desire at the contrast between their feminine teenage girl presentation and the brash and almost thuggish way they marched around smoking cigarettes on forbidden ground.  I had no idea where they were headed as they proceeded into the grass but it became clear they were headed into the ladies’ bathroom under the grandstand’s entryway.  The taller girl dropped her still smoldering cigarette to the pavement and half-heartedly crushed it out a few yards in front of the bathroom and immediately in front of this middle-aged guy standing there waiting. He didn’t respond to the girl’s butt drop but may have been saying a few things to himself about it.  Meanwhile, the darker brunette friend waited until she was right near the entrance of the bathroom to take the final drag from her cigarette and dropped it to the ground.  Unfortunately, this guy had taken note of me and wasn’t going anywhere, probably waiting for his wife or friend to leave the bathroom, and I wasn’t gonna be able to identify their butts with him standing there.  I hovered impatiently until my suspicion was confirmed, and a middle-aged woman left the bathroom and took off with the guy about a minute or so later.  It was now wide open for me to identify both butts…..and they were both Marlboro No. 27s, a brand I didn’t even know existed anymore.

I got a little greedy after that, shuttling back to the smoking area hoping to see the aforementioned college-aged threesome that began this great roll.  They were done smoking and walking away, so  I boogied on over to where they sat hoping to see three freshly extinguished cork filter butts laying there….but there was nothing.  When coming up empty there, I headed back to the bathroom hoping to catch the teen smokers exit but figuring they’d probably left by now.  They must have because they were nowhere to be seen and continued not to be after I waited another minute or so.  I was a little bummed as I really felt like I needed to see those two girls again to qualify their look matched with their performance, and was kicking myself for the next few minutes for walking away to pursue closure with the threesome.

My “sensory overload” moment played out shortly after this followed by a cooling-off period.  But when my time was reduced to the last 20 minutes or so before the moment I had hoped for emerged.  I said earlier that I really wished I had seen a little more of that 18ish duo that tried to strut into the grandstand with cigarettes in hand, and at about 10:05 my wish was granted as the girls were sitting on the curb across the street from the beer gardens block smoking another round of cigarettes.  The cigarettes were about half smoked and it was only about an hour since their last, so all evidence pointed to these two being pretty dedicated smokers for their age.  Given that they were now stationary, I was better positioned to study their smoking styles and their looks.  My original impression was reinforced that the light brunette was the cuter of the two, and her hot body in those skimpy short jean shorts was displayed perfectly.  I’ve just recently noticed that a girl in shorts looks hottest when seated on a curb, giving a full profile vantage point of her lower-body curves as she’s seated.  In some cases when the shorts are really short, as they were here, some of the girl’s bare ass is actually touching the curb.  The image was impossibly sexy, revealing just how little denim was actually covering that incredible ass of hers.

But as amazing as her ass was, the two-for-one smoking show dazzled even more.  The girls were solid smokers and unlike earlier when it seemed the dark brunette was even better, they seemed about even on this performance.  In fact, I probably gave the light brunette cutie in the short shorts the edge here because after her two final drags, she proceeded to launch two lugies off to her side, both cute girlish little lugies that nonetheless contrasted deliciously with her decidedly feminine image.  I didn’t really think much of it until I watched both girls crush out their cigarettes on the curb and get up to leave moments later.  I knew they both smoked Marlboro No. 27s, but still sat where they did to verify. I was caught off guard when I spotted two groupings of a half dozen or so lugies right near where the girls had sat.  I know not everyone is into smoker girls spitting but for me it’s incredibly hot to know that these two cuties are chronic spitters, repeatedly salivating so close to where their tender young bodies were seated.  These two were already poised to be among my favorite sightings of the day, but the second encounter assured their stature as the second best sighting of the day.

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