MNSF #62. Cute Brunette In Capris Grosses Out Nonsmoker Girl

It was a very cool late August evening after what had been a largely modest day of sightings by Minnesota State Fair standards back on my first day at the MNSF in 2009. Nonetheless, there was a point around 8:30 in the evening, just after dark, where I hit a groove and this sighting near the grandstand was the best of the evening….

Standing just outside one of the grandstand entrances talking on her cell phone was an adorable 19-20ish brunette with long and straight brown hair. She had the face of angel and didn’t look at all like a smoker dressed in her zebra-striped top and very sexy white capris. Yet there she stood, cell phone in one hand and cigarette in the other. Another player would soon join the mix in the form of another young woman in her early 20s, a complete stranger, who stood a few feet away from the girl at the grandstand entrance apparently waiting for someone. The smoker hottie was in the process of wrapping up her phone call and my early suspicion that she was likely a grandstand worker (what is it with these hot grandstand workers at my Fair!!!) as she began walking back indoors as if heading back to work after a quick break.

The sweet-looking cutie proceeded to casually and carelessly flick her still-burning cigarette to the ground only a couple feet in front of the other girl and release her final cloudy exhale when walking past her. From my vantage point, the wind did not work its magic and splash secondhand smoke into the other girl’s face this time, but not for lack of trying on the part of the smoker babe. As the smoker turned the corner to go inside the grandstand, I noticed she was getting the evil eye from the girl on the receiving end of her air pollution.

This was my second favorite sighting of that day, but I was left in a tough spot as this second girl continued to stand there waiting but I wanted to identify the brand on the still smoldering cigarette butt lying on the pavement and she was complicating things! I decided I was just gonna go for it and then split in the opposite direction whether she saw me or not. I did the best I could to camouflage my actions as I walked up, knelt down slightly, and identified the familiar print of a Parliament before getting the hell out of there as quickly as I could. You gotta figure there was at least a 50-50 chance that she had me figured out but it was more than worth it for that tidbit of information.  Seems like there’s a certain set of defining characteristics that go along with girls who smoke Parliaments, and the actions of that brunette in the white khakis reinforced that stereotype for me.

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6 Responses to MNSF #62. Cute Brunette In Capris Grosses Out Nonsmoker Girl

  1. ECD says:

    I remember a time when I got caught — two teens were smoking outside the mall and after inhaling as much of the smoke that spilled from their heavenly lips as I could, I groaned to see one of the girls crush out her cigarette in the filthy outdoor ashtray. But the other — and to this day I remember she had an ass so adorable, so curvy, so sexy, that a saint himself could hardly have been restrained from wanting to pull down those tight shorts and eat it all up like an icecream cone — simply dropped her cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. And then they walked away, that perfect-ten ass wiggling and shimmying like nobody’s business. And I moved to stand near the cigarette and slyly scrunch down as if to tie my shoe, wanting to grab it and love it forever and forever. And some red-headed dude somehow realized what I was doing and called me on the carpet. Of course I denied his accusation and left the scene — but came back ten minutes later. Thankfully the jerk was gone, the cigarette was still there, and it rode home with me.

  2. Smokin' Mark says:

    I didn’t clarify it in this writeup gearing the blog to a somewhat mainstream audience, but I actually did swipe the cigarette butt here too as opposed to merely identifying it as I wrote. This wasn’t the only time when I had to risk being called out for picking up a cigarette butt as my most obvious example came in my FCF #1 sighting, one in which I would have walked over my grandmother if necessary to take possession of that girl’s butt.

    Anyway, as for your example of the hot teen with the incredible ass outside of a mall, I can say that I’ve never been called out for taking a girl’s cigarette butt, or in your case, just planning to. Did this guy actually accuse you of plotting to steal her cigarette butt? It’s hard to imagine he’d have been able to figure that out unless he was a fellow fetisher and had designs on it himself. Very strange thing to accuse someone of doing otherwise. Anyway, glad for the happy ending and that you walked away with a stinky souvenir despite the interference.

    • ECD says:

      He did accuse me of just that — said something like, “You’re trying to pick that up, aren’t you?” With a very creepy smirk on his face. Unnerved me utterly — I’m not sure that at that point I even knew a smoking fetish community existed. I thought I was alone in my strange habit. If he was a fellow fetisher, he was sure a jerk.

      • Smokin' Mark says:

        Not sure how I’d respond to that. I’m sure you had a “caught with your hand in the cookie jar” look on your face as I would in that situation. I would think only a fellow smoking fetisher would ever have figured out your intentions there. I suppose you should at least be happy he didn’t take the butt before you got back for it.

  3. Cara says:

    I do love my Parliament 100s, although I only started smoking Parliament after learning that they were what american soldiers were given (because the recessed filter made them ideal for hands-free smoking) in Korea. Hands-free smoking being most unladylike, I also love that.

  4. Smokin' Mark says:

    Interesting association. How long ago did you learn that and start smoking Parliament 100s? As a nonsmoker I’ve always been a little ignorant about whether there’s a cork-filter Parliament brand of if all of them are all-whites? I don’t get Parliament sightings too regularly but usually a couple a year, and every Parliament sighting I’ve gotten has been an all-white. Every girl I’ve ever seen smoking Parliament has been stylish and fetching, so it’s a brand I have a great personal association with.

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