MNSF #60. The DNR Building’s Gorgeous Marlboro Light Brunette

I stated in another post that 2004 was my first definitively great day of sightings at the Minnesota State Fair, where I had quantity, quality, and consistency over the course of the day.  Right around the noon hour, I would encounter one of the day’s most lasting images and one of the most beautiful smoker girls that the Minnesota State Fair has ever produced.

I was encircling the seating area surrounding the DNR building and found myself looking straight at a stunning beauty with a cigarette. She was a gorgeous 19-20ish long-haired dark brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts seated alone on one of the benches and immersed in a cell phone conversation. In one hand was her cell phone held up against her left ear, and in the other hand was her freshly lit Marlboro Light which she was routinely dragging from while engaged in a bubbly and lighthearted phone conversation.  It’s hard to put to words why this girl was so special other than to say she’s the prototypical smoking beauty of the smoking fetisher’s fantasy in the most prototypical casual situation…almost like a perfect beautiful fantasy come to life.  Between her beauty, the cell phone, and that freshly lit cigarette between her fingers that was slowly shrinking in size every time she placed it in her mouth and took a drag, I just got this Miss Right vibe from her…as if I found the girl I had always been looking for.  The fact that she loosely resembled a girl I was hot for at the time named Charli undoubtedly contributed to this narrative.

While I wasn’t gonna miss seeing this sighting play out, I had a problem in that my positioning was horrible.  There was literally no good place to stand and watch without sticking out like a sore thumb and I found myself leaning up against a small tree awkwardly as a means of hanging on to my front-row seat. Luckily, she was too engrossed in her phone call (and her cigarette) to notice me lurking. There she sat, dragging intensely and releasing her exhales in tight, well-practiced plumes while talking. If only the location wasn’t so awkward, I would have stood there to watch her finish the cigarette, but I decided not to push my luck and left the scene before she was done smoking.  Still, that image stuck with me and kept a smile on my face well into the early afternoon hours.

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