MNSF #49. Amazing Blond Smoker Showing Off Her “Butt”

Another stunner from the epic Saturday night of my second evening at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair.  This is now my third entry from that epic in this countdown, and we’re still proceeding in succession.  It was now around 8:30 p.m. and well after dark.  And I had just come off of a couple great sightings not included in the countdown and not expecting I would be able to top them for awhile, but in only a couple of minutes I managed to pull it off.

I approached from behind in an area in close proximity to the beer gardens and spotted a cluster of two guys and three girls.  I could see the guy and a blond girl had cigarettes in their hands even though their backs were towards me.  I had a feeling she’d be attractive as I positioned myself to see her face, but was unprepared for the level of beauty that was about to be in front of my eyes.  She was about 19 or 20, had long platinum blond hair, was wearing a green top, and capris.  This was the kind of girl that a fairgrounds fetisher waits all day to see.  She couldn’t have looked more wholesome even if she wearing a schoolgirl skirt.  But my first instinct after seeing her was “social smoker”.  There was simply no way a girl this cute could be a regular daily smoker, I told myself.  But then she took a couple of drags and convinced me otherwise…..

This girl put on a show of an almost endless litany of rapid-fire drags.  It wasn’t supersmoking, but it was pretty darn close.  I had almost forgotten that the guy next to her was even smoking as badly as she was outsmoking him.  She’d take a drag, hold for a few seconds, and then release her exhale skyward in a very tight, perfect plume of straight-ahead smoke that almost all came from her mouth.  Then, usually within 3-5 seconds after the last exhale, would repeat the process by taking another impressive drag.  Rinse and repeat.  It seemed there was never more than five seconds that this girl wasn’t in the process of either consuming tobacco into her black lungs or releasing it from her lungs.

And when she finished the cigarette, she began to snuff out the cherry with her fingers…field-stripping or whatever you call it.  I figured she was either gonna save the one or two drags left or else toss it into the garbage.  Instead, she held it up to show her nonsmoking friends, as a flicker of still-smoldering tobacco was hanging from the rest of the cigarette.  She said “This looks like [something inaudible from my range].”  I would have loved to hear what she compared it to as she showed off her stinky cigarette remains to the nonsmoking friends who I’m sure were absolutely fascinated listening to her talk about her cigarette butt.  But instead of throwing it away or saving it, she just carelessly dropped it to the pavement.  Damn.  From there, it was just a matter of waiting for the slow-poke guy in the group to finish smoking his cigarette who couldn’t possibly smoke as fast as his black-lunged female friend did.  But something really strange happened next….

The group KISS was performing in the grandstand that night, and right before the show started, suddenly the two smokers facing an approaching couple got a light in their eyes and started walking towards them.  I even heard the girl say “That’s Gene Simmons”.  And I’ll be damned if the guy didn’t look EXACTLY like him.  I figured there was some KISS imitator group on hand that night and this guy was playing the role of Gene.  Whatever the case, he was a dead ringer.  Anyway, the cluster would hang around longer than I had hoped but eventually did press on, allowing me the opportunity to walk up and identify her cigarette butt.  It was another Camel Crush…a cute cigarette for a very cute girl.  That ended up being my second best sighting of that very special night.

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