MNSF #53. The Blond Doublemint Twins Start Advertising Tobacco

I said before that 2006 was an incredible day at the Minnesota State Fair…my first day that could be described as incredible looking back from today in appreciation that I scored at least a dozen blockbuster sightings that day.  While my two favorite sightings of the day came during the daytime hours, 2006 was the first year in which I began to thoroughly inspect the fairgrounds for sightings after dark, no longer spending most of my night sidelined at outdoor music concerts as I had in the years prior.  My first genuine payoff after sunset that night was this sighting in motion which began near the beer gardens.

As I approached the northeast corner of the beer gardens, I was temporarily paralyzed upon noticing two long-haired 18-ish blonds pass by me heading northward. They couldn’t have possibly been more glamorous, and they looked remarkably similar in hairstyle and clothing (both wearing sexy black strap shirts and tight form-fitting blue jeans).  They were either sisters or best friends who chose to look as much alike as possible, and I’ll never get the initial image of them side by side out of my head because they literally looked like they walked out of an updated version of a Doublemint gum commercial.  However, only one of the beautiful blondes was a smoker, caressing an all-white (likely Marlboro Light) in between her index finger and middle finger, definitely throwing in a yummy curveball into the Doublemint gum twins image.

Like any good stalker worth his weight in restraining orders, I had to follow these beauties as they progressed towards the grandstand area to a waiting middle-aged woman, likely the nonsmoking mother of one or both of the girls.  If I had to guess, she was most likely the mother of the smoker who did 90% of the talking upon arrival. It was such a rush to see this 18-ish beauty casually dragging and exhaling only a couple feet in front of the nonsmoking mother, clearly as comfortable as she could possibly be smoking in the presence of mom. The only thing that could have made this sighting better is if the other girl, who looked even more innocent and sweet, had also lit up.   Even so, watching that smoker blond toss her spent all-white cigarette butt to the ground almost right in front of mom before the three of them got up and left, it hit me how much I had been missing having not dedicated the evening hours consistently to smoker sightings in the years prior.

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