MNSF #134. Brash Redhead With Bow In Her Hair Nails Everybody With Reckless Exhales

I was scoring sightings at a blistering clip on my second day at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, indeed on pace for a record, although storm clouds opened up at 8 p.m. and seemingly threw my evening into a tailspin.   The rain was no insignificant obstruction thrown my way, but it didn’t stop me from rallying with some of my best sightings of the night.  The beer gardens block was its usual treasure trove of evening sightings, and I stood outside the corner of one of the bars to see an attractive young couple where the very pretty light brunette girlfriend was smoking.  She was a natural beauty with long brown hair, a black top and brownish pair of dress pants that seemed like an odd choice for a summer night at the state fair beer gardens but which she made it work.  Her smoking style was by and large average and my positioning was not conducive to an extended sighting, so I drifted away after three drags, with impeccable timing to see something else fantastic from its inception.

A trio of friends, two female and one male, who all looked 21 or 22, were only a few feet to the right of the last girl, and in front of my face was this redhead brimming with IT factor despite not conventionally being my type, with an unlit cigarette hanging from her mouth.  Right away I knew I was destined for an extra-base hit, and the next thing I knew the guy, who I later determined had to have been her boyfriend, was approaching her cigarette with a lighter.  She leaned in to the flame and was lit, and that’s when the bells and whistles started chiming.  She dragged right off of the light-up, ingesting a flurry of smoke and then exhaling blasts through her nose and mouth while still dangling the cigarette.  The cigarette remained in dangle mode and the smoke just kept pouring out of her face, blasting the boyfriend and the nonsmoking female friend directly.

The girl was mildly beautiful, if you will, with a sort of brash redheaded cuteness about her that reminded me a lot of my former girlfriend Lizz, another heavy smoking redhead.  Contrasting with her smoker girl look was a cute red bow in her hair that seemed entirely out of place.  She was also chubbier than I’d prefer and probably wouldn’t look good in a bikini, but she knew how to make the extra pounds work for her and I must confess to being pretty turned on.  And that was before I got a very pleasant surprise.  The friends both got their exhales into the face….and now it was my turn.  As close as I was to them and as ferocious as her exhales were, I guess I should have foreseen the possibility of her belching out smoke into my airspace, but it never crossed my mind until an exhale sailed straight into my face for a perfect direct hit, and I’m not entirely sure it was unintentional.

After about a minute of enjoying her performance and turning occasionally towards the previous light brunette who was still smoking, my trio of friends separated and the redhead and her presumed boyfriend started walking down the beer gardens block.  As they proceeded, I followed at a comfortable distance and noticed a couple of things.  First, the boyfriend who lit her up was smoking an electronic cigarette.  Cute when the guy is willing to settle for a lame e-cig, but his girlfriend requires the real thing for her nicotine fix.  Secondly, her ass was draped in a tiny pair of black shorts that wouldn’t have worked if she was much heavier, but she had just the right level of chubbiness to pull it off and it was really sexy watching her walk ahead.  Sexiest of all though continued to be her reckless smoking as she meandered through the crowd and continued to produce dense, cloudy exhales that were released with no inhibitions, almost always nailing the boyfriend in the face and when he didn’t get hit by them, complete strangers did.

The most oddball part of the sighting came next though when she crossed paths with a mediocre 20-something brunette in a black dress.  Just as I did, the two girls made the observation in passing that both boyfriends were smoking electronic cigarettes while the female halves of the relationships were smoking real cigarettes.  Now my redhead didn’t seem to be “drunk” per se, but she proceeded to lean towards the brunette girl and speak to her as though she was three sheets to the wind.  I couldn’t hear details of the conversation, but it was clear the redhead was pointing to their mutual cigarettes and beers and gushing how they should feel no shame about smoking.  It was quite a spectacle, and the first time that the presence of an electronic cigarette significantly improved the stature of a sighting.

From there, the couple drifted to a berm in front of the bathrooms and sat.  She continued pulverizing her all-white and as I sat watching, waiting for her to finish it, I could tell I had a problem.  Even though the rain was over now except for a stray sprinkle, there was a huge puddle of standing water right beneath her feet.  It was pretty clear where the cigarette butt was going when she finished it, and sure enough, she dropped it in the water.  I returned to the spot later, after they left, hoping to salvage a butt identification, but the only all-white I saw was so submerged in standing water there was no hope of IDing it.  Too bad because she was among my top-five sightings of the day.  I always love it when a girl who is not conventionally a sexpot carries herself and smokes in a way that dramatically raises her stakes, and I couldn’t have asked for a much better show than what she gave me.

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