MNSF #106. Barely Dressed Newport Teens Gleefully Discover Designated Smoking Area

I abandoned a sighting of a blond with an exposed midriff halfway through on my second day at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair, sensing that something better was on the horizon and suffice it to say I made the right choice as it was merely the appetizer to the full meal I would get moments later in the designated smoking area about 10 yards away…

I made a quick pass around the area and found nothing of consequence but just before I was about to abort I was in the right place at the right time to see late teen sexpots dressed in what amounted to little more than a bra and panties approaching the smoking area.  One was exotic looking and appeared to be a mix of black and Asian with short black hair, although perhaps she was just black and had some faint Asian features.  But the white friend is who my eyes laser-focused on the second she entered my field of vision, an uber-wholesome brunette girl-next-door look could not have possibly contrasted more with her skimpy sports bra top, microscopic black shorts resembling underwear, and several inches of exposed midriff on full display giving my eyes a sweeter dose of candy than any sugary concoction that a Minnesota State Fair vendor was capable of putting on a stick!  I had less than a second to process this imagery before the white girl nudged the friend on the arm and pointed up to the “designated smoking area” sign with this gleeful look on her face before the two of them stopped in their tracks.  They had found the place they were looking for!

The black girl began rummaging through her bag and soon extracted a pack of Newports, taking one out for herself and one for her even more scantily clad friend. The girls confirmed the staying power of a trend that had already been ongoing yesterday…..that if a young female was walking around the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on September 5, 2015, with inches of her midriff exposed, she was addicted to nicotine and only moments away from feeding that beast.  And in the case of these two, far more than a few inches of their midriffs were exposed.  Sure enough, the black girl lit herself first and then handed the lighter to the white friend.  I got several pics of them, including one of the brunette lighting herself up.  Now it was just a matter of watching the show…..

The girls stood apart from the crowd and were technically not in the designated smoking area, likely eliciting glances from passersby first for what they were wearing with a second look forthcoming upon noticing they were smoking.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles, but of course there doesn’t have to be much in the way of additional stimulation when smoker girls this hot are wearing so little clothing.  The overwhelming majority of my attention was focused on the white girl who was just so darn cute inserting that long cigarette into her mouth and exhaling modest plumes of smoke mostly to her left as she bantered with the black girl.  The drags were nicely timed and the exhales were cloudy enough to impress during the course of the five-minute show, with the black girl smoking slightly faster and finishing her cigarette a minute or so ahead of the white girl.  The black girl crushed out her cigarette beneath her feet rather than walk towards the ashtray that was, unlike them, actually in the smoking area.  After that, the two of them started walking away, with the white girl taking two more drags from her cigarette before dropping it to the pavement and crushing it out as well.  I was 99% sure from the color of the pack that the girls were smoking Newports but I was able to ID the white girl’s discarded butt and confirm it.  I definitely had some early evening momentum going now.

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