MNSF #133. Wholesome Blond Smoker Beauty Outside The Haunted House

It was more than an hour into the day before my shovel hit a golden nugget on my first day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair, but it was worth the wait when I saw her.  Walking past the haunted house on the ground’s south side stood a cluster that was clearly waiting for one person from their party to finish their haunted house tour.  Standing on the edge of the group of five was this truly stunning long-haired blond.  She had sunglasses on which gave her a hint of badass but for the most part she was as Midwestern wholesome as they come with a long mane of blond hair, a black top, and skimpy white shorts.  She was engaged in discussion with the rest of her group, a mix of guys and girls, but was off to the side so as not to expose them to her cancerous secondhand smoke.  The bench nearest me was occupied so I had an inconvenient vantage point, but nonetheless stood there for the show.

She was a very adept smoker dragging intermittently from her all-white and releasing impressive jets of exhaled smoke that soared two or three feet in front of her beautiful face.  Since she was standing I was in a perfect position to admire her awesomely slender body, with two adorable little bumps poking out of her chest in the black blouse, one of the nicer busts I’ve seen in a girl so skinny.  And that ass looked amazing in the white shorts.  I was able to watch her smoke most of the cigarette before she stubbed it out in the grass and then walked over to the garbage can.  I was standing right next to the garbage can, meaning she walked right up to me when disposing of the all-white butt.  By doing so, I noticed the pack of Marlboro Lights poking out of the left front pocket of her white shorts.  As great as those white shorts were from a distance, they were that much more adorable seeing a pack of Marlboro Lights sticking out of them.  Interestingly, her proper disposal of her cigarette butt was the exception that day.  My morning had just come alive.

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