MNSF #132. Two Smoker Girls In The Midway With Their Nonsmoking Boyfriends

I celebrated my 30th birthday in style on August 25, 2007, with a top-shelf day of fetishing at the Minnesota State Fair.  I will say, however, that the evening hours weren’t quite as epic as the daytime hours had been, but I nonetheless ended the evening with a bang as I entered the midway with only a half hour to go before meeting the folks to leave for the night. The midway is the best lit part of the fairgrounds at night and is the domain of copious numbers of young female smokers.

Such was the case as I was turning the corner to walk into the midway and found myself walking behind a pair of 18-ish couples, in which both of the girls had just lit up cigarettes amongst two guys who were not smoking. You gotta love that. The girls, one a pretty blond in a green shirt and tight jeans and the other an incredible and girl-next-doorish brunette sweetheart in a white T-shirt and striped shorts, were exactly what I was looking for when I made that final journey down the midway. I got to follow them deep into the midway, standing right behind the brunette who was definitely the cuter of the two. I observed her every exhale and watched as the plume of smoke flowed from her lips and was followed by that tiny wisp that escaped her nose at the end of the exhale. This went on for a good five minutes and I was able to catch a pretty good number of exhales in my face. The fact that these nonsmoking guys endured the air pollution produced by these stinky sweeties made the sighting all the more hot.

The brunette would deposit her cigarette to the ground and crush it out first while the blond would follow about 30 seconds later.  Both girls were smoking Camel Turkish Blends, which I believe have since morphed into the similar brand “Camel Turkish Royals”.

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