MNSF #130. Hyperactive Smoker Cutie After The Backstreet Boys Concert

The 2008 Minnesota State Fair was my best day of fetishing of all-time, and it was the evening hours that just kept delivering whenever I thought things couldn’t possibly continue at this pace.  In the final few minutes of a night that had taken my breath away, I got my last memorable sighting of the night.

Of all people, the Backstreet Boys were performing in the grandstand that evening, about a decade after their peak in popularity and I decided to head up towards the grandstand at around the time the concert let out, figuring there would probably be some girls from the key demographic deprived of their nicotine by the concert’s end.  My prediction came true as one of the early exiters from the concert was an 18-ish brunette cutie in an orange top and khaki shorts with a smoldering cigarette in her hand, keeping the company of a nonsmoking friend.  The girls soon met up with two guys I assumed were boyfriends who apparently had not attended the concert. The brunette cutie was the only smoker of the four which always strikes me as incredibly hot, but especially in this group as the group all seemed absolutely exhausted after a long day at the fair….except for the addicted smoker. She galloped like a pony across the mostly empty fairgrounds and seemed bubbly in comparison to the friends, all of whom seemed to be growing a little annoyed with their effervescent–and stinky–friend.

I had just a few minutes left before I had to meet my parents, and spent most of them following this group and enjoying this brunette pausing from her bombastic, exhibitionist display to take a drag from her cigarette every 30 seconds or so.  In a few minutes, she glibly flicked her cigarette butt to the curb and kept on walking. I watched that glowing cherry on the pavement and could tell in passing that it was a Marlboro Red.  After all the smoking I had seen that night, I felt like following the girl’s lead and galloping off to the fairgrounds exit in delight.

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