MNSF #107. Blond Smoker Duo Unknowingly Chokes Everybody Around Them

Neither of my two full day visits to the 2012 Minnesota State Fair produced any of the all-time classic sightings that the venue is known for, but I still had two above-average days that generated plenty of fun little moments like this 2-for-1 sighting that ultimately yielded a fantastic storyline…

I was walking by the beer gardens block and wandered to the block just to the north where a lot of the beer gardens regulars drift off to have a drink and a cigarette away from the crowds.  I spotted a duo of early to mid 20s blonds sitting on the curb, the prettier of whom was a ponytailed platinum blond in a blue top and a deadly sexy short and skin-tight black miniskirt.  She was digging through her purse and pulled out both her iPhone and a pack of Marlboro 27s, which she proceeded to sit next to her and then typed away on her iPhone.  I waited a couple of minutes but she kept typing away, and since this was the prime 6:00 hour where I usually run up the score of my sightings the most, I couldn’t just stand there and wait 15 minutes for her to light up if that’s how long it took before she did, so I walked briefly up the block to see if anything else awaited but saw nothing and turned back around.  And immediately after turning around I saw a massive cloud of exhaled smoke coming from her direction even before I officially spotted her again in the blinding sun.  I boogied on over though, disappointed that I missed the light-up but eager to see the rest of the sighting.  I snapped a couple of pictures but I wasn’t really close enough to capture their essence, especially with the glare of the setting sun in the direction where I was photographing.

She was a solid 8.5 beauty wise, and at least as good on the spectrum for smoking skill, producing impressive clouds of smoke with every exhale.  And two things happened over the course of my photo snapping that produced mixed results.  The first is that some middle-aged guy entered the scene and sat on a bench directly behind them, which would soon give the sighting its character.  And the second is that the pretty girl handed the cigarette to more modest blond to her left.  This helped make it a two-for-one, but the second girl was neither as pretty nor as skilled of a smoker as the original girl.

Not content to stand watching this with the sun in my eyes, I crossed the street and took an angled rear view of the girls.  Even though she was no longer in possession of the cigarette, the original blond still had my attention, particularly as I looked down to that tight and short black miniskirt, which she had to carefully cross her legs in to avoid letting passersby see her private parts.  Back to the smoker, she finally took a mediocre drag and produced a mediocre exhale, but the east wind blew this girl’s cigarette smoke right back towards the middle-aged guy on the bench behind her.  I watched the exhaled smoke flow right towards him and this aggrieved face of epic proportion entered his face as he looked behind him to see the clueless girls sitting there talking, with the lesser of the girls holding the cigarette that she just used as a weapon against this guy.

I could hardly wait until the next exhale as I knew it would be more of the same, and sure enough, another exhale blew right towards the guy, and he appeared absolutely exasperated this time, turning around looking at these girls as though they had just pissed on him.  I seriously thought he was gonna confront them.  My only disappointment was that my favorite girl with her much cloudier exhales wasn’t the one asphyxiating him.  After one more drag, the original girl did reclaim possession of the cigarette and produced her usual cloudy exhales.

The breeze seemed to no longer blow the smoke as directly into this guy’s air space now, but a group of teenagers settled in and stood near the bench, also behind the girls.  And the miniskirted blond’s exhale drifted towards this one mid-teen Asian girl who smelled the cigarette smoke and waved it annoyedly away from her nose, cringing at the smell of smoke.  These smoker girls just couldn’t win!  I don’t know as I’ve ever seen two separate groups of people openly express their disgust at young smoker girls like this, and it made for a pretty colorful encounter that I thought at times might be on the verge of breaking into fisticuffs.  The cigarette was crushed out and the girls didn’t move, but I had to.  I had already confirmed their brand was Marlboro 27s, so my priority was boosting my sightings numbers in the final half hour or so before I had to meet my parents.

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