MNSF #126. Teen Girls on a Bench Recreate My Original MNSF Sighting

I got a surprise opportunity to make a second visit to the Minnesota State Fair in 2009 on Labor Day weekend.  It was only gonna be a partial day as I had to leave by 6 p.m., but the day delivered in a way the first 2009 MNSF visit had not, and by mid-afternoon I was feeling really good about the day.  At no point in the day did I feel frustrated, melancholy, or bored as I did at several intervals in the previous week. Sightings of impressive caliber kept coming at a frequent enough clip to keep my energy level high the entire time.

Next to impress was a sightings duo I scored walking on the north side of the beer gardens block.  From a distance I saw a cigarette in young female hands on a bench on the adjacent block.  I headed that direction and was floored by what I saw. On the bench were two 16ish girls both in the middle of cigarettes.  I had already scored an underage duo earlier that day, but these two were perhaps a little cuter and had more of a girl-next-door softness to them. The girl on the left was a ponytailed dark blond in a T-shirt and jean shorts while the girl on the right, the prettier of the two, was a brunette with long dark brown hair flowing all the way down her back, donning a T-shirt and a pair of extremely loose-fitting black pants. It was so precious watching these girls dragging from their cork filters in front of the hundreds of thousands of fair attendees……

But there was another dimension that made this sighting even more memorable. These little gals weren’t the only people sitting on the bench. To their right was a dorky-looking 30-something male hick with a young daughter. This guy was the perfect stereotype of a farm boy dweeb and had this incredible look of awkwardness of his face sitting next to these stinky teenage cuties spewing air pollution and forcing him and his three or four-year-old daughter to choke on it. It reminded me of my very first MNSF sighting back in 1993 when I was only 16, where two teenage girls sat on the bench next to me and started smoking. I had to wonder whether this guy secretly enjoyed sitting next to these teen smokers in the same way I did 16 years ago.   In a few moments, the girls would drop their cigarettes to the dirt, crush them out, and walk away, allowing me to walk past and discover that they were Camels.  Watching them walk away, it struck me that they were probably either not yet born or just babies back when I scored the similar sighting back in 1993.

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