MNSF #123. Passing Around The Parliament Waiting For Fergie

Every year at 7 p.m., I meet up with my parents just to touch base and rest up a little bit after hours of walking the grounds.  I was riding pretty high on my 2007 trip after an awesome stretch of sightings preceding the meet-up and after I was sufficiently well rested, I was back on the nicotine trail, quickly scoring another blockbuster.

My timing was great as they were about to let the crowds in for the 8 p.m. Fergie concert, and a battalion of addicted hotties were getting their final hits of nicotine and tar before heading into the concert. Most memorable was a group of 18-ish girls who were reminiscent of the original 1996 “State Fair Girls” responsible for kicking my fetish up to the next level. This sighting wasn’t quite up to that caliber because there was only one cigarette amongst the girls, in the hands of a glamorous-looking brunette with shoulder length hair, a green tanktop and very nicely fitting khaki shorts. As I locked my eyes in on this cluster of uber-hotties, I heard one of the girls mentioning about how “it tastes smooth”. This was being said as the brunette passed the cigarette to another girl in the group, a hot and tall blond in a tanktop and tight jeans, and my instinct was that it was being said about the cigarette even though I didn’t catch any additional context.  Watching from reasonably close proximity, I observed the two smokers in the cluster passing the cigarette back and forth before it finally stayed in the hands of the brunette who held it originally.

The grandstand was about to let the modest-sized crowd inside, so the girls proceeded towards the gate. I followed and observed a nice dangle from the brunette as she fished for her cell phone in her purse. She finished off the last couple of drags amidst a sea of people exposed to her noxious secondhand carcinogens. I watched from as close of a distance as possible as she dropped the cigarette to the ground. I looked down to it and could see by the inverted all-white filter that it was a Parliament. I’ve never been a huge fan of Fergie, but I owed her a debt for what her concert accomplished for me that day.

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