MNSF #122. Cigarette Next To Angelic Blond’s Angelic Pink Skirt

The 2005 Minnesota State Fair was a pretty weak day of fairgrounds fetishing by the standards of the last decade, but the day did manage to produce a few high points. One of them came in the early evening after I had to meet up with the folks and my mom decided she wanted to go buy some of these warm chocolate chip cookies before heading to the bandshell for a concert by country-pop group Restless Heart.

Considering that took me past the high volume grandstand area where I had the majority of my best sightings of the day, that sounded just fine by me, even though any sightings I would happen to score would be done in the awkward company of my mom and obviously restrict my mobility. So I followed my mom at a distance sufficient enough to continue scanning the crowd without her noticing. She bought the cookies and I ate several of them while walking. As we drifted towards the bandshell, I looked up to see this angelic-looking 18-ish blond with a conservative white top and a long pink flower-print skirt walking all by herself. Her image was so wholesome she almost radiated an angelic glow.

So imagine my surprise when she raised her right hand to her mouth and took a drag off of a freshly-lit cigarette. If I had been on my own, I would have done one of my 180-degree pivots and followed this solitary cutie. Thankfully, I at least got to look back and watch her femininely packaged backside wiggle only inches away from the smoldering cigarette she held between her fingers. It’s such a treat to see that there are at least some girls like her who still smoke cigarettes, and it killed me not being able to follow to see if I could cobble together more of her story and hopefully discern at least a little of how a girl like this became a smoker.

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