MNSF #103. Mommy’s Little Smoky Helper

The gloomiest and most miserable day I ever attended the Minnesota State Fair was in 2000.  It was about 58 degrees and there was persistent light drizzle the entire day, and I had another obligation by late afternoon that would cut the day significantly short.  But with all that said, the day delivered sightings-wise, and produced three classic sightings on this list.

It was the last year that I would spend any time at all with my parents on the grounds, even though the majority of the day I was off by myself.  Early in the morning, I was with my mom when we walked past this vendor stand selling carnival trinkets and souvenirs and I saw this precious 16-ish girl next door blond smoking a cigarette while standing on the curb just off to the side of the souvenir stand.  She was a total cutie and a surprise smoker, and even without any context or time to evaluate specifics in the presence of my mom simply passing by, the sighting impressed.

But the sighting would get its needed additional context a few hours later when I was walking near the same area, only this time by myself.  There was girly once again, standing in the exact same spot smoking another all-white.  It struck me as odd she would be in this same spot smoking a second time all these hours later, so I happened to look past her and into the nearby souvenir stand to see an older blond woman standing there inside the booth.  It suddenly hit me that this was a mother-daughter operation, and daughter was out enjoying at least her second cigarette break of the day.  Back in 2000, I didn’t study most of my sightings in nearly the detail I do today, and this sighting may very well be lower on the list than it deserves as a result, because certainly all the ingredients were there for a classic sighting even based on the observations I did make.

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