MNSF #145. Wholesome Blond Sister Act Digs Out Cigarette Case During Smoke Break

My second day at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair had been pretty ho-hum into the mid-afternoon but I had just scored a great sighting at the designated smoker north of the beer gardens…..and then about five minutes later I’d improve upon that sighting at the same smoking area when I walked past it again.  While the previous blond looked completely like a smoker, the next duo of blonds looked less like smokers than any girls I would see all day.  It was actually a quasi-family setting with two sets of young couples in their mid-20s and a middle-aged mom.  I’m guessing the blonds were sisters because they sure looked like it.  The girls and their boyfriends were smoking and mom was not.  It’s so rare these days to see young women in their 20s who look like they’d probably be young professionals who are nonetheless smokers, but I got that vibe from both of these two who just struck me as intelligent and upper middle-class.  The girl I saw the most of was wearing a neon yellow top and black slacks but the likely sister is the one who intrigued me most, petite and decked out in a green top and similar black slacks.  How do girls like this become smokers this day and age, I thought to myself as I furiously snapped pics from various angles, although the circle the group was standing in prevented me from getting anything outstanding.

As I watched them smoke, they were looking my direction but were distracted by the extreme Slingshot ride on the same block that has been the source of amusement for many a nicotine-addicted female fairgoer over the years.  I was really settling in for an extended smoking show destined to be my first classic of the day but halfway through their cigarettes, the entire group decided half a cigarette was enough and were bending down to stub out the remainder of the cigarettes to save for later.  I was temporarily heartbroken but as I began to walk away, I noticed the blond in the neon yellow top was opening up a cigarette case to put the second half of her cigarette in for later.  The case was filled with a pack’s worth of Marlboro Reds and as I directed my eyes to the sister I saw she had a cigarette case of her own.  I suppose I’d still have preferred a full sighting from these hotties, but discovering their dedication to nicotine dependency extends to the usage of cigarette cases was particularly impressive and also reinforced my original impression they were likely upscale young professionals as I doubt too many convenience store clerks or nurse’s aides use cigarette cases.  The novelty of the sighting’s ending combined with the hotness of the girls made it my best sighting of the daytime hours.

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