MNSF #144. Brunette In Ball Cap And Black Shorts Keeps Popping Up With Cigarette In Hand

I only had one genuinely great day of fairgrounds sightings in the summer of 2016 and it was my first day at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair, a smorgasbord of extra-base hits worthy of my best-ever days of fetishing.  The first sighting of that day to seriously impress came in the early afternoon on the beer gardens block when I first laid eyes on an attractive and shapely early-to-mid-20s brunette wearing a white ball cap (what’s with all these chicks in ball caps lately?!?!) along with a gray T-shirt and black shorts that snugly caressed her sensational ass and hips.  Sadly, she partially stepped on this presentation with a lettered tattoo on her right leg just underneath the shorts, but it wasn’t enough to hurt her too badly in my eyes, particularly if I just moved to her left side to take in the remainder of the sighting!  She was in a mixed-gender group of about five or six and was the only smoker, walking through the busy crowd with cigarette in hand oblivious to anyone who may have objected.  I got very lucky and got a nice facial pic of her right off the bat as subsequent attempts at rear and side pics while she was dragging largely fell flat.  I mostly watched this sighting from the rear as I followed, walking through as many of her stinky exhales as I could while enjoying that ass.  Her group kept walking in the direction of the livestock barns and I got to watch her entire smoking performance which was well-paced and impressive.  She dropped the cigarette just before entering a heavily populated stretch and I was able to ID the butt as a Camel Menthol.

Had the sighting ended there with this girl, it would have been a solid double, but I would end up seeing this girl smoking not once, not twice, but THREE more times that day and night, in a couple of cases smoking with others in her group.  I’d see her smoking again less than an hour later and then twice in the early evening hours.  I did see her a fifth time after 9 p.m., and that was the only time on Sunday that I saw this girl without a cigarette.  Even with that much tobacco consumption, I’m still only rating her as my sixth favorite girl of the day, which speaks well of the girls that came later in the day.  Everything about this girl was attractive (except for the leg tattoo) but she didn’t possess that IT factor that would really take her to the next level.  Still, with four cigarette sightings in one day in a venue as unlikely for that sort of thing as the very large and heavily populated Minnesota State Fair, she’s worthy of some serious acclaim.

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