MNSF #141. Glamorous Brunette With Squeaky Voice Gets Request For A Light From Young Guy

The most schizophrenic day in the history of fairgrounds safaris was Day 2 of the 2010 Minnesota State Fair.  The daytime hours very close to a full-blown disaster, but as soon as evening hit things came alive for one of the most memorable fetish nights of my life.  The sighting that started the action-packed evening out came within moments after separating from my parents at around 7:15….

I came upon a total cutie of a 21ish brunette in a brown top, jeans, and a pair of unusual boots with brown fringes on top.  I suspected that she was probably a grandstand worker on a smoke break as I watched her stand directly in front of the grandstand entrance with an all-white in her hand and a cell phone next to her ear.  The girl was hot and I was settling in for what I hoped would be an extended sighting, and only about 10 seconds after I laid eyes on her, out walked this younger guy from the grandstand who noticed that she was smoking.  He stopped and asked her “Do you have a lighter?”  As I said this girl was very sexy and seemed like a long-time smoker, so I was taken aback to hear the most girlish, feminine voice utter “Um, no I got matches” and then proceeded to hand the guy her cigarette saying “Here”.

The guy used her cigarette to light up his own and then handed it back to her.  Damn that was sexy.  Her technique was impressive if unmemorable and I was salivating for an identification of that butt as I watched her take a number of drags.  Unfortunately, she proceeded to the doorway of the grandstand where she stubbed out the half-smoked cigarette and put it back in her purse to save for later before walking back into the grandstand.  This was a fun sighting with a great storyline, but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see more actual smoking from her.

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