MNSF #135. Sexy Brunette In Yellow Fishnet Shorts Gives Me My Own Personal Smoking Show

I was down to my last 20 minutes or so of fetishing on my second day of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair and was making a final pass by the outside gates of the grandstand, where I was rewarded with one of my most intimate, one-on-one sightings in years.  Sitting completely by herself on an isolated bench was this gorgeous dark brunette who had an order of fried pickles to her left side and a freshly lit cigarette in her right hand.  The bench was fairly wide so I was able to sit on the other side of it without invading her space and did so, giving myself a front-row seat to this beautiful girl who would turn out to be a fantastic smoker.  She was a tanned, mid-20s brunette with long dark brown hair wearing a very low-cut white blouse and this stunning pair of gold shorts with a lacy pattern that looked more like a cargo net than an article of clothing.

Her seating position was in a spot with just the perfect lighting to help me pull off a duo of outstanding photos, one of her in mid-drag.   I had originally hoped for a smoking while eating sighting as there were plenty of fried pickles left in the bucket next to her, but apparently she decided the time for eating was over and the time for smoking couldn’t be delayed any longer.  Judging from her fantastic drags, that cigarette was really hitting the spot as the pacing was perfect, with solid five-second draws and just the right level of cloud cover from her ensuing exhales spilling from both mouth and nose.  She may have sensed out of the corner of her eye that I was watching but I was doing a good job of pretending I was too distracted by the music from the Avett Brothers who were still performing in the grandstand…..

We were fairly isolated the entire time and I felt as if I was being treated to the smoking fetish equivalent of a back room lap dance as she smoked, but a couple of young black guys who worked for the fair in some capacity broke the isolation by walking past, and one of the guys looked my smoker babe over and uttered a soft-spoken “daaamn!” observing her elegance and beauty, and just maybe how hot she looked with a cigarette too.  I was more than happy to share my own private smoker girl with these guys for a moment so long as they kept walking as they did.  A couple more drags ensued before she crushed the cigarette out on the edge of the bench and dropped it to the pavement.

I had expected the girl was sitting there waiting for a boyfriend to come back with beer or something.  Certainly she was too good to be at the fair by herself and her clothing definitely made clear she was not there working, so imagine my surprise when she stood up with the half-full container of fried pickles, tossed it in the trash, and walked away, ironically leaving her cigarette on the ground even as she threw the leftover food in the garbage.  It would have been intriguing to follow her a bit to see if she was eventually meeting with someone but every indication was that she was not.  Getting a butt ID on her discarded cork filter was more important to me though, which I verified as a Marlboro Menthol moments after her departure.

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