MNSF #136. Soft-Featured Blond And Friend Smoke During Parade

By the mid-afternoon hours of my second day at the 2014 MNSF, the crowds were so dense that I thought it was a good opportunity to revisit the north side of the fairgrounds where the crowds are typically at least a little bit lighter and you have some breathing room.  The downside is that you can frequently make the 20-minute round trip up and down the north side blocks and get zero sightings.  That’s not always the case though, and it wasn’t that day as I scored a delicious two-for-one sighting heading south from the grounds’ northernmost point.  I crossed paths with a similarly dressed duo of early-to-mid 20s babes and got weak in the knees from the stylish presentation that they brought to the table as both girls were dressed in bright orange T-shirts and tight blue jeans with belts and both illegally wielding freshly lit cigarettes as they progressed northward.  They were either both genuine country girls or doing a good job of faking it.  One girl was a short-haired brunette that from a distance had a sort of 1994-ish Martina McBride look about her, but her IT factor was pretty modest and so was her smoking style.  The girl who stole the show was the long-haired blond, easily the most shocking face I saw with a cigarette sticking out of it that day.  Blondie was distracted on her phone, very obviously in discussion to meet up with somebody on the grounds, but I still found it challenging to take a photo without drawing attention to myself.  The two I got were fair but from further away than I’d prefer.  But with the pics out of the way, it was just time to hang back and enjoy the show from one of my top-five sightings of the day….

I walked behind them for a bit hoping to catch the headwind of their exhales.  The brunette was slow and mediocre as a smoker and quickly began to lose me entirely in the company of this blond.  My friend Dan (the one close friend who knows about my smoking fetish) has a very specific type of girl…..the long-haired blond with soft girl-next-door features.  Ordinarily when I show him photos of smoker girls I plan to date, he always says “looks like your type” with the subtext that they wouldn’t be his type because they’re “too hard”.  If not for the cigarette in her hand, I could imagine him melting in the company of this beautiful and wholesome blond.  I know I was, especially whenever she took a drag from her cigarette and released a cloudy exhale that I had the good fortune of walking through on a few occasions.  And those tight jeans combined with the bright orange tanktop were working for me too, especially when combining her slender waist with the perfect curvatures of her hips and ass in those jeans. Mmmmm!  But the show would come to a literal road block as we found ourselves in the pathway of the daily Minnesota State Fair parade, the location where the girls happened to meet with two guys who were either their boyfriends or just dudes they were hanging with, and one of the guys was smoking too.  This gave me a chance to hover back and watch some of the parade, but mostly watch blondie finish that cigarette.  She dropped it to the pavement when she finished and was a little too aggressive in stomping it out.  I stood there lusting a butt identification but knew I wouldn’t get one until the parade ended and they left.  It would be about five minutes until it did, giving me more time to admire the beauty of this most unlikely blond smoker.  Finally when the parade did end and everybody parted, I was able to get the butt ID.  It was the variation of cork filter Marlboros that have Marlboro written in red cursive on the filter.  I’ve seen it a couple of times before but am not certain which Marlboro variation that is.  The north side of the fairgrounds came through for me yesterday!

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