MNSF #140. Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed Angel Dominates Two-For-One Sighting

Saturday afternoon at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair was an oftentimes dispiriting time, as I was having a below-average sightings haul and the weather had turned uncomfortably cold and windy for a late August day.  But in the 5:00 hour, I reeled in a couple of major finds, and hot off of one of them, I traversed the elbow-to-elbow foot traffic on Judson Avenue en route to something even better.

Walking down Judson at this time of the day is almost certain to yield a bounty of sightings and that night, the first one I saw was a blond early 20s stunner, hands-down the prettiest girl I saw that entire day with long, straight blond hair, a perfect face and gleaming blue eyes that grabbed you and wouldn’t let go.   If one is lucky, they see one girl this gorgeous smoking the entire year.  She and what I presumed to be a boyfriend or husband stood there smoking along the curb amidst the company of two nonsmoking young women and another male-female couple. Her drags were intense and sexy, pushing all the right buttons in terms of hold time and cloudy combination nose-and-mouth exhales. Also in the mix was a young girl about three of four years old who the smoker hottie was engaging in conversation with the two nonsmoking women. It sure seemed as though the young girl was the blond’s daughter, hard as it was to believe that this very young-looking and perfect-bodied hottie had a child….

As I said there was another couple not far behind them including a modestly attractive light brunette who was just lighting herself up as the group became mobile. While I was mostly focused on this amazingly beautiful blond, the brunette certainly impressed me as well as she let her just-lit cigarette dangle from her nicotine-stained lips for a good 45 seconds. There are few things sexier than a long-lasting dangle from a young hottie. Still the blond was so beautiful that I kept my focus on her as she proceeded towards the Coliseum. Eventually, she took her final drag from the cigarette and dropped it to the pavement without crushing it. In passing I could see it was a Camel Crush, which were pretty new to the market at the time.

I saw the girl and the boyfriend/husband again about an hour later but she wasn’t smoking on the second encounter.  Still, very heartwarming to see a girl this beautiful and this seemingly normal still smoking cigarettes in the year 2009.

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