ISF #20. Cooling Down with a Smoke and a Splash in the Fountain

It was 2007 that I started my tradition of visiting the Iowa State Fair on a weeknight following my all day Saturday safari.  It began after my Saturday shortened due to a bout of heat exhaustion on that 96-degree day where I pushed things too hard and had to leave early.  Only a half hour after arrival, the Wednesday night visit proved its mettle with an epic sighting, coming to life on the grounds’ northeastern corner near the women’s bathrooms.

Two 17-18ish girls were walking past me as I approached a bench. One of the girls was unattractive, but I was instantly drawn to the second girl, a long-haired brunette with reddish highlights and a very pretty face. She was somewhere between the lady in red and the girl next door, but very much had the look of a smoker. I looked her direction and she seemed to notice me as well, with her eyes darting my direction. After she passed me, I really admired the “rear view”, with her striped shirt successfully displaying her carved out hourglass figure cresting above tight blue jeans that perfectly accentuated her top-notch posterior. She had exactly the kind of physical form I find most attractive in a young hottie, but since she wasn’t smoking, I had no plans to consciously follow her. Still, the spot that I saw her was at the edge of the fairgrounds, so I had to turn around and proceed in the same direction I came from just to get back to the main part of the fairgrounds.

Within a few brief moments, I spotted my favorite brunette cutie with an unlit cork filter dangling from her mouth. My heart always skips a beat when a girl I had been hoping would smoke actually lights up. I began following her, successfully being splashed by her toxic exhales and seeing the pack of Camels peeking out of her purse. Stealing glances at her pretty face for the next few minutes as I followed, it became clear that she’s exactly the kind of girl who best describes my particular type, insofar as I have a tangible type. I followed her until she and the friend approached the line for the Skyride and the cutie crushed out her cigarette under her heel before advancing on to the ride.

If that had been the end of this sighting it still would have been incredible, but this wouldn’t be the last I’d see of this girl. I couldn’t make some of this stuff up. About an hour later, I was walking in the general area of these fountains where little kids often climb in to cool off. I looked up to the biggest fountain and saw two older teenage girls having some immature fun getting soaked and thought they looked vaguely familiar from a distance. It was almost like a catfight off of Dynasty in terms of fantasy quotient, but all done for fun obviously. Within a few minutes, I would see both of the girls walking by again….absolutely drenched. It was indeed the two of them who decided to cool off in the fountain with all the five-year-olds.  A little immature perhaps, but as hot as that form-fitting tanktop of hers was when it was dry, I almost went into orbit seeing how sexy she looked with the T-shirt wet. And of course my first instinctive response to seeing this cutie soaked was, “I sure hope she didn’t get her cigarettes wet!!!”

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