ISF #85. Teen Brunette Emerges From The Midway At Closing Time Flicking Her Newport To Life

You never know exactly what you’re gonna run into on a given day of fairgrounds fetishing, but there are some days you can surmise when you walk through the gate that they’ll be below average.  Such was the case with my half-day Wednesday visit to the 2016 Iowa State Fair.  The largely older-skewing crowd was emptying out after 10:30, although thankfully not to the degree that it did on previous Wednesday night visits after the concerts all got out, and I was grateful for every bit of humanity I could clutch onto in hopes of propping up my lackluster numbers for the evening even just a little.  The midway was my saving grace and really delivered at around 11:15 when I saw a teen girl about 17 or 18 who clearly worked somewhere in the midway was finished with work for the evening and digging through her bag.  Amazingly, a pack of Newports was produced, and the pitch darkness in the location was soon illuminated as she fired up a cigarette.  She was without question the youngest girl I’d seen smoking at the Iowa State Fair in 2016 and as she stepped into a better lit area I was able to get a closer look at her.  She was a total cutie, a light brunette with a ponytail and just a touch of baby fat chub hidden underneath a white top and a black pair of those dreadful athletic shorts that have unfortunately caught on in recent years.  Since she was working though, I didn’t hold it against her….and being the only bona fide teen smoker I’d seen at the fair this year didn’t hurt either.  She suddenly sprinted up to a couple of guys running some trinket stand at the edge of the concourse…

As was the case far too frequently during this year’s fair season, I couldn’t get a good vantage point, particularly when she sat down at the curb to tend to her cigarette.  There was a wide open bench not far away that seemed promising but when I sat there, I discovered a garbage can was directly obstructing my view.  Grrr!  I now had to stand on the curb conspicuously in this emptying fairgrounds and dart my eyes her way to see her smoking.  I only got to see a couple of drags, and both the drags and exhales were modest as you might expect.  Still, the youthful innocence on this face consuming this cigarette was something I’d been hoping to see all fair season.  I’m guessing she was probably onto me, but there was no terribly awkward eye contact even though she walked across the street to finish the cigarette.  Suddenly the cigarette was just gone and she was coming back over to her friends at the trinket stand reeking of fresh tobacco.  I bided my time and then went over to see if I could find that butt and confirm it was a Newport.  It was too dark and I could not.  In the moments ahead, I made distant passes just to get a final image of that adorably wholesome teen smoker face, a face that was worthy of end-of-year acclaim.  The previous year, at the very end of the Iowa State Fair, I scored another great teen smoking sighting, although I got to see much more of that one and it had a much better storyline.  As gratifying as this sighting was, it pales in comparison to the previous year’s teen babe smoking with “cousin Lisa”.

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