ISF #10. Teen Midway Smoke Missile Launcher Leads Underage Trio

Same fair, same night as several other entries on my list from that epic Saturday night at the Iowa State Fair in 2010.   But somewhere in between that final sighting (ISF #15) of the night and when I left the Whitney Duncan concert about an hour and a half earlier, I scored this benchmark epic for this ages….

I usually make three runs through the midway at the Iowa State Fair, and always leave the final run until the 10:00 hour, where you’re more likely to find the “naughty girls” going on rides.  My previous record for sightings in a single day at the Iowa State Fair was 107, but I was on the precipice of smashing that record reasonably early in the evening, and boy did I…I walked past a trio of mid-teen brunette bombshells, all in the 15-16 age range, and although she was hiding it fairly well, I could have sworn that I spotted a cigarette in the hands of one of the girls.  I followed long enough to see that indeed I had as this cute little thing soon took a drag.  I could tell from the rear that these girls were exactly the kind of mid-teen cutiepie smokers that represent the Holy Grail for myself and a large swath of fetishers, but so far was only able to see them from behind.  I desperately needed an opening to see their faces, and I would soon get one as the girls came to a stop near the line for one of the rides.  There was no good place to watch, but I wasn’t gonna be denied and stood on the other side of the line observing from close proximity.  I was nearly breathless when I saw the girl in possession of the cigarette….

All three girls were attractive dark brunettes dressed similarly in tanktops and nice-fitting jean shorts, but this girl was far and away the prettiest and absolutely the most wholesome with some of the softest features you can even imagine.  She was probably 15 or 16, and sported the sweetest and most fragile face I had seen all day!  It only got better as she took her first drag in my line of vision.  The jet streams that flowed from that beautiful young face were so extreme that I’m surprised the G-force didn’t lift her little body about three feet up into the air.  It was the kind of exhale you would expect from a 10-year smoker, not the cutest possible teenage girl in the state of Iowa….

She then passed the cigarette around, meaning Sighting #108 of the night would also include Sightings #109 and #110.  This allowed me to study the other two girls a little closer.  The girl she first passed it to was the chubbiest and least attractive of the three.  She was still a 7.5 or an 8 on the hotness spectrum, but in this group she was what qualified as the ugly duckling.  After a quick and relatively average drag, she passed the cigarette to the other girl who was the smallest girl of the group but still looked a little bit older than my favorite of the three.  She also took a single average drag.  But then it was time for the G-force girl to get her greedy little hands back on the cigarette.  She took back-to-back fierce drags only seconds apart and the smoke blasted out of her little face like a rocket both times.  The other girls got one more drag each as she passed the cigarette around, but the pretty girl wrapped things up in style by taking three final drags from the cigarette, absolutely dominating it both in terms of smoking style and number of drags.  And all of her exhales were equally stunning.

She crushed out the cigarette beneath her feet and the trio walked away.  I could see a few inquiring people watching this unfold, probably not pleased with the young girls being smokers, making it all the more epic.  I had no problem scooting over to the barren area they stood and discovering the butt was, adorably, a Camel Crush.  And I tell you just by looking from my distance standing atop it that cigarette filter was a shade of pitch black after the beating it took by these girls, and I suspect one girl in particular.  I bow to RJ Reynolds with their marketing prowess getting girls like this to become smokers. Absolutely out of this world….and a most memorable way to beat the previous record for most sightings in a day at the Iowa State Fair.

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