ISF #84. Teen Smoking Blond Takes Smoke Break Amidst Sunset Silhouette

I had a burst of momentum going as the 7:00 hour proceeded on my first day at the 2015 Iowa State Fair and near the east side beer gardens I scored what I believe was my youngest smoker girl of the day.  A duo of 17ish girls was walking westward when I spotted a cute long-haired blond with a very girl-next-door sex appeal pulling out a pack of Marlboro Smooths and extracting one.  It was so nice to see a high school age girl smoking on a day when such an individual was in short supply, especially one decked out in a very utilitarian black T-shirt and jeans who seemed so unlikely to smoke.  The friend didn’t smoke but wasn’t very impressive anyway.  The blond was definitely the right girl of this duo to be a smoker.  I tried to score some photos as I walked and thought I was succeeding, only to be horrified later when I looked at the early photos I took and saw that nothing turned out.  I was so busy taking terrible photos that I didn’t get to study her very closely but I was about to get another chance as the girls drifted to a series of empty benches behind a building.  They hadn’t really seen me yet despite my close presence so I sat on the bench next to them without arousing suspicion….

The location was a mixed blessing.  I scored four pictures from a decent vantage point, one of them of her in mid-drag, but the sun on the western horizon was shining straight into the shot.  You can sort of see her face but the imagery is blurred and I never got an image worthy of her.  But the upside to this location is the lighting really created atmosphere for her exhales.  I was impressed by the extreme cloudiness of the smoke expelled from her mouth and nose, and the backdrop of the bright setting sun really created a dazzling silhouette with the billowing smoke clouds and easily represented the sighting’s high point for me, and I got to see it several times as all of her exhales occurred amidst this backdrop.  She still hadn’t finished the cigarette but took off with the friend, hovering on the east side block as if waiting for somebody.  I got to see her take a couple more drags before dropping the cigarette to the curb, and after a minute or so drifted away with the friend.  It was just a formality to ID the butt since I already saw her pack, but I approached the discarded cork filter and found it was a Marlboro Smooth just as suspected.  It was a necessary youth burst on a smoker girl day that was definitely skewing older than usual thus far.

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