ISF #83. Young Mommy With Perfectly Toned Body Exhales Smoke Rockets

While I only had one homerun sighting on my second day of the 2014 Iowa State Fair, I had a flurry of extra base hits that made that night a success.  One of my top-three sightings that night came as I migrated to the center of the grounds where there’s usually a giant huddle of mid-teens after sunset, but much less of one on a Wednesday night.  By no means was she a mid-teen, but the mid-20s gal I saw from afar while approaching drew me in like honey the second I laid eyes on her.  She was very pretty, probably about 25, a long-haired dark brunette with the features of a heavy smoker, wearing a flattering and sexy red tanktop and tight-fitting jean shorts while holding a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  I kept repositioning myself on a series of benches in the area as others got up to leave, improving my vantage point of the gal who was the most skilled smoker that evening.  Also in her company was a guy, a young girl who looked about two years old and was being pushed around in a stroller, and another mediocre dark blond who was also smoking.  At first I thought the blond was the mother of the young girl but would eventually learn it was my brunette who was, and the little girl would be tugging on mommy a couple of occasions as mommy obliterated her cigarette.  On every single drag, that cigarette was placed in her mouth for a rich, elongated drag followed up with fierce smoke missiles that rocketed out of her mouth in a way that I’m glad I wasn’t too close to or it’d probably have left a bruise….

I got to watch every drag from pretty close range and on the final third of the cigarette was even treated to a couple of exceptional talking exhales, where she’d be saying something to the boyfriend/husband with wisps of smoke escaping her face, but there was always enough exhaust left in her lungs that the missile blast exhales were yet to come, and were still plentiful in volume.  Also impressing was her tight body, which I would never have believed could have ever spit out a kid, her flat stomach visible under that tight tanktop, shapely midsection visible under those tight jean shorts, and impossibly smooth legs underneath.  I had figured the boyfriend/husband was a nonsmoker throughout this sighting but he did light up towards the end of her cigarette.  She took a final drag and crushed out the cigarette before preparing the young daughter in the stroller and wheeling off in the moments ahead, and I couldn’t help but speculate that the daughter is undoubtedly already addicted to nicotine having lived in the womb of this addict for nine months.  I swooped in after they strolled away and IDed her butt as a Marlboro Red Special Blend, my second of those this evening and both from very high-profile smoker gals.

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