ISF #82. Brunette In Red Shorts Combines Whipped Cream Dessert With Cigarette Break

My first day at the 2013 Iowa State Fair was shaping up to be one of the biggest disasters of my many years of fair fetishing until after dark when a BlackHawk concert I attended turned things around pretty nicely.  Even after that concert ended, I scored a few more impressive finds and the best came as I drifted westward on the concourse and got to see a full smoking performance from a cute 19ish brunette sitting on the curb with her nonsmoking boyfriend.  As I laid eyes on her, she had a cork filter dangling from her lips which got me interested enough to approach just in time for her to light up.  They were an attractive couple and it was all the more attractive that the guy wasn’t smoking but had to wait for his cute little girlfriend in a tanktop and short red shorts to smoke an entire cigarette.

A plate with a whipped cream-covered funnel cake was in front of the girl which made me hope for a smoking while eating sighting, but apparently she had enough of the rich funnel cake as she set it off to the side on the curb, preferring instead to ingest the warm smoky carcinogens from her cigarette.  And she really seemed to enjoy it as well, taking her time in a way that would ordinarily have annoyed me but which fit my mood that night, giving me a chance to sit on the nearby bench and relax my aching feet while watching a pretty girl enjoy her cigarette, exhaling nice straight-ahead plumes of smoke mostly from her mouth and beautifully modeling those smooth bare legs in a very feminine position.  If I was the boyfriend, I would have had a hard time avoiding swooping in for an ashtray-mouthed kiss from this girl watching her in this extended pose.

Unfortunately, the extended sighting ended in an annoying way as I failed to notice a dollop of whipped cream had fallen off the funnel cake she was previously eating and landed on the street in front of them.  As she finished her cigarette, she actually rolled it around inside the whipped cream and made a special point of burying the cigarette butt entirely within the whipped cream.  They hung around a few more minutes before getting up to leave.  I enjoyed seeing her stand up and brush the grass off of her outstanding ass draped in those skimpy red shorts but was still hoping to salvage a brand identification from her cigarette butt so I headed over after they left.  As expected the butt was entirely buried within the whipped cream and much as I wanted to know her brand, fishing the butt out of whipped cream was a place I wasn’t gonna go, so I walked away feeling a little disappointed but still much better for having seen the sighting.  Whenever I think I’ve run into every smoking sighting scenario that is possible at these fairs, I learn otherwise as I never anticipated seeing a girl crush out her cigarette inside whipped cream and denying me what seemed like an easy butt ID.

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