ISF #75. Daisy Duke Cowgirl Chatters To Newborn Baby With Ciggy Breath

After two disappointing years in a row, my first day at the 2014 Iowa State Fair was an unqualified success and one place that was really a gold mine, particularly after dark, was the east side beer garden area.  I made a pass through the area around 9:30 p.m. and when I saw an open bench across the street I thought it was a good opportunity to put those gel-filled inserts into my shoes that lessen the impact on my feet late in the day. As happens almost every year at every fair, this choice brought about a great sighting. At the bench next to mine was a mother with a stroller, and from out of nowhere this early 20s brunette hottie in short shorts comes running over and lowers her face into the stroller to make baby talk with the child she referred to as “little buddy”. It took a couple of seconds but I noticed a partially smoked cigarette in the hand of the girl and I almost needed a diaper change of my own based on my bodily response. She talked to the mediocre-looking mother for a minute and never did take a drag from her cigarette while in the presence of the baby, but before leaving once again leaned over to make baby talk with the infant, and surprisingly the baby didn’t scream a fit after being exposed to her ashtray mouth from such close range…..

Up to that point it was too dark for me to fully appreciate this girl’s features until she cooperatively walked back across the street closer to the beer gardens and relit the cigarette that apparently went out. She also met up with two nonsmoking female friends, also in the 21-22 range and both attractive, but my smoker girl was the hottest and very obviously the alpha female of the group, doing the vast majority of the talking as she attended to her cigarette. Her presentation was killer, in a country girl blouse and daisy dukes that gorgeously framed her chiseled ass and crotch, with a pair of smooth legs and cowgirl boots that were just the perfect touch to complement her image. Her smoking style complemented her demeanor as well….high-strung and a little flaky. She would say something to the friends and then start looking around with a confused look on her face. Perhaps she was halfway intoxicated or perhaps she’s just this way no matter what, but whatever the case her ADD-style drags were followed up by disorganized and sloppy exhales that drifted wherever they may, once into the face of one of the nonsmoking friends. I got to see about five of these drags before she dropped the cigarette and crushed it out. When it came to ID it I figured I stumbled into a Marlboro Red, but there was some lines on the filter that aren’t consistent with Reds, even though the light black Marlboro print above the filter sure suggested it was. Must be one of the dozens of Marlboro Red variations floating out there these days. Whatever the case, the east side beer gardens delivered again, and not for the last time that evening!

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