ISF #8. Smoky Light Brunette Role Model in Painted-On Jeans

The weather situation cast an ominous cloud over my entire day of my daylong Saturday trip to the Iowa State Fair in 2009, although I generally got lucky and avoided all but a couple intermittent showers.  I scored three very memorable sightings that day that saved it from overall mediocrity. And the best one of the year has grown on me further in the year and a half since….

It was late afternoon and I had a decent if unspectacular day thus far when I migrated through the edge of the midway and the cluster of bars in front of it. My eye caught this stunning light brunette beauty. She had such an innocent and adorable-looking face that I originally expected she was about 18 even though I would later surmise she was probably more like 21. Most striking about her appearance was this pair of painted-on blue jeans covering her spectacular ass. The back pockets on the jeans were bursting off the ass, frayed in several spots and about two-thirds loose from the rest of the jeans. This girl really stood out to me for a number of reasons, with those amazing jeans being near the top of that list of reasons. She didn’t fit the profile of a smoker, but I just had a feeling about her anyway…..

But even with this strong first impression, I couldn’t have possibly imagined just how great she would prove to be when I returned to the same general area about a half hour later. In between the two primary restaurant/bars at the edge of the midway is an office which is apparently the base of operations for the police on the fairgrounds. I saw several troopers inside the back door of this small building, but standing just outside and talking to one of the troopers with her friend was a very familiar looking light brunette with a very familiar pair of tight jeans with back pockets falling apart. Only this time, she was holding a freshly lit all white in her hand and had a pack of Marlboro Light Menthols stuffed underneath her belt. I was beside myself with elation. Not only was she smoking, she had that pack of MML strapped onto her person like a trophy.

The conversation between the trooper and the two young ladies (one smoking and one not) ended very soon after I spotted them. The two girls then proceeded to the edge of the midway. I followed, unable to take my eyes off of how amazing that posterior looked in this pair of jeans. They were eventually met by a couple others, including a woman and a guy who looked considerably older than the smoker and her friend.  Both the woman and the guy embraced my adorable smoker girl with a warm hug, carefully avoiding the cigarette smoldering between her fingers. Amidst the hug, I got another chance to admire this girl’s classically beautiful face. Even though I’m suspecting she was in the 21 age range, her fresh face screamed 17 or 18. She was very close to being a perfect 10 beauty-wise….

And that’s when the sighting really got hot. This new couple she had just hugged had two young kids (a boy and a girl in the three to six years old range) who also greeted lil’ miss smoker. She hesitated briefly, but held her cigarette behind her back and embraced the two kids with a hug as well. I can only imagine the thoughts going through these kids’ heads, both apparently having nonsmoking parents, as they looked up at the pretty face of mommy and daddy’s friend but then being struck by how incredibly stinky she was as she hugged them….

At this point, dad took the kids and the three young ladies were headed for the entryway of the bars. Thankfully, I still had plenty of time to admire my girl’s smoking technique, which I had no suspicion at all would be as impressive as it was. The crowd in front of the bar was pretty intense so I really had to pay attention to keep track of my girl. On two different occasions, I saw the cigarette approach her lips followed by a pretty deep drag. She would then get caught behind a couple of people and I would lose track of her for 3-5 seconds. Damn, I thought to myself on both occasions….I must have missed the exhale. But lo and behold, a clearing would open up and I would see her head tilted upward, exhaling jet streams of smoke that had spent a pretty good length of time trapped inside her black lungs. This same thing happened twice, seducing me into believing she had already exhaled while getting temporarily lost in the crowd, only to emerge five seconds later and just beginning to exhale her smoke. It got me to fantasizing that the length of time she held that smoke in her lungs may have contributed to those back pockets bursting off her skin-tight jeans from all the built-up pressure.

The friends were heading into the entry of the bar, and of course the state smoking ban applies to fairgrounds bars as well, so my girl had to finish her smoke outside, taking one final long drag, but then apparently deciding to save the few remaining drags from her cigarette as she snuffed out the cherry with her fingers. It hardly seemed worth reviving the remaining 3/4-inch of tobacco left on her cigarette, but she nonetheless unlatched the MML pack from her belt and dropped the remainder of the cigarette inside, leaving me to ponder how that butt had to have had a tar-black filter. She then marched into the bar, never to be seen again that night. But what an impressive performance, but itself making me glad I endured the shaky weather of that day and growing in its legendary status since.

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